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Men's Valet Box With Phone Charging And Hidden Compartments, Texas Cedar Elm

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Pictured is what I refer to as a Hybrid this is my own design in which I've combined bandsaw box with Mitered splined joinery, the inner part of the box is a bandsaw box and the outter is mitered, it is an open top men's valet box with drawers, it has two hidden compartments, false bottom door and an hidden drawer along with lift out trays, it consist of a bunch of parts and surely need instructions for operation to access the hidden compartment, the small lift out tray is the key to opening the false bottom door located on top under the large tray by way of magnets.

Wood The inside of the box I used knotty Alder, the box is wrapped in Texas Cedar Elm with Wenge for the drawer pulls and splines, the outer wood the Texas Cedar Elm fell to the blade of my chainsaw, the tree had been dead standing for a couple few years.

 I've also added a dark brown felt to line the drawers and the top left stationary trays, and they both have access to phone charging by simply draping the cord over the top edge.

Finishing Since the Texas Ceder Elm had been dead for so long it didn't take to finish very well in that the dryness allowed the finish to soak into the wood, What I did to solve this problem was I first added a single coat of Tung Oil and a quick wipe, I then follow up with a single coat of non-waxed Shellac to seal the wood, and then a single coat of a 50/50 mix of wipe-on poly my mixture satin blend and a last and final coat of paste wax.

This box measures 12" L x 6" H x 7 3/4" D and has very large storage compartments, the hidden compartment can even house a pocket sized and some of the compact size hand guns along with clip and ammo.

Design or Plan used: My own design

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user-3018060 user-3018060 writes: Love it.
Very well done.
Posted: 4:04 pm on January 15th

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