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Button Wall Art

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Whimsical Button Wall Art
Whimsical Button Wall Art - CLICK TO ENLARGE

Whimsical Button Wall Art


  • Drill
  • Drill bits in various sizes
  • Screw


  • Round pieces of wood;
  • Primer and paint.


Sandpaper if the wooden surface needs more extensive preparation than just a coat of paint.


This is a relatively simple project you can complete all on your own, provided that you know how to use a drill and not loose any fingers in the process. Since the entire Button Wall Art endeavour is supposed to be fun and look rather whimsical, you can skip the 'boring' part – measuring where to drill the holes so that they are evenly spaced and just eyeball it. However, since my colleagues at Paul's Cleaning kindly reminded me this should be a professional post, and practically twisted my arm, I will give you "the expert" guide:


Take out your ruler and find the exact centre of your buttons (round wood). Then, measure equal distance from it with a triangular ruler and mark the exact spots for the holes. Secure the piece of wood on your working table and drill away. There is probably a complex mathematical equation which will help you determine the optimal sized for the drill holes but I strongly suggest you rely on your instincts instead.

Once the wholes are made you have to properly clean up the wood. Even though it might sound like a notorious little detail, it's essential to the entire project or the surface of your buttons won't look nearly as shiny and glossy as ours.


So, once you have wiped everything vigorously you can proceed with the painting. Again, I resorted to a rather unconventional method as the drills are really hard to paint. Naturally, a small-sized brush will do the trick but why should I put one more item on my To Clean list when I could just use my fingers? Plus, it's always fun to get your hands dirty!


Choose paint colours which will complement the colour scheme of your room and have at it. Once the wood dries, you are all set to hang them on the wall!

Design or Plan used: Cleaning Company in Melbourne

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Comments (2)

margaretsw margaretsw writes: Thank you! Glad to hear you like it :)
Posted: 1:41 am on January 7th

user-3102187 user-3102187 writes: Great sense of humor! Love it!
Posted: 1:31 pm on January 6th

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