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Shop Talk Live 44: Big Changes for Fine Woodworking

comments (5) November 1st, 2013 in blogs

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This week on Shop Talk Live, get tips on how to achieve bliss with your rabbet block plane. Plus, dont miss a special announcement concerning big changes at your favorite woodworking magazine! - CLICK TO ENLARGE

This week on Shop Talk Live, get tips on how to achieve bliss with your rabbet block plane. Plus, don't miss a special announcement concerning big changes at your favorite woodworking magazine!

Every two weeks, a team of Fine Woodworking staffers answer questions from readers on Shop Talk Live, Fine Woodworking's biweekly podcast. Send your woodworking questions to for consideration in the regular broadcast!


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Shop Talk Live 44: Big Changes for Fine Woodworking

This week we announce some big changes at Fine Woodworking magazine before diving into questions concerning specialty handplanes, steambending wood, and more. Plus, the Audio Shop Stumper returns with a very special Shop Talk Live challenge! Then it's time to discuss our All Time Favorite Tools of all Time...for this Week. Mike, Asa, and Ed discuss some of their favorite tools and techniques.



Links from this Week's Show

Protect Yourself from Wood Dust

Understanding Dust Masks Video



Brand-New Audio Shop Stumper

Let's face it: the last episode's audio Shop Stumper was just too easy. We received such a flurry of correct responses that we've decided to ratchet things up a bit. This week we're presenting yet another excerpt from an interview with an acclaimed woodworker. This fellow also happens to write for Fine Woodworking magazine. You know the drill: if you can correctly identify the speaker in the audio excerpt we played on our podcast this week, send it in to us via email. Just put "audio shop stumper" in the subject line.


We'll randomly select one winner from amid all the correct answers we receive, and that person will get to take home a set of Rockler Bench Cookies. And remember--don't submit your responses via the comment section of this blog post--anyone doing so will be automatically disqualified. Good luck!





Asa Christiana
Special projects editor

Mike Pekovich 
Executive art director

Ed Pirnik
Senior web producer


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Comments (5)

mhiggins mhiggins writes: A listener asked about a finish for a table top. And it seems like polyurethane was your product of choice. I think this choice should probably be accompanied by a pros and cons explanation. Not just about color, as in this case, but also durability vs repairability.

Poly can't be easily spot repaired. Unlike lacquer, which is reactivated when another coat is applied, poly doesn't melt into itself. It simply lays on top of the previous application. If you get a scratch in poly, you can either live with it or sand/strip it all off and refinish.

If you are building furniture that you want to last for generations, you need to consider using products that can be readily repaired. Otherwise, it may go to college with your grand-kids and end up in a dumpster. However, if its intended purpose was to be dorm furniture, then I say go ahead and poly away.
Posted: 8:21 pm on November 17th

Madison2 Madison2 writes: I'd just like to let you boys know that the girls out here with sawdust under their fingernails enjoy your show too!

Asa, you rock! Having the courage to not only see your own needs but to also act on them is awesome. Today way too many people are pigeon-holed into roles they don't enjoy but stick with them because the money is better or their peers think the only way to be happy is to have more, or any of the silly reasons we all fall into those ruts! It is a rare person who will take the step to be happy first. You are to be aplauded!

I am very excited to see what effect this change will have on the magazine and the Podcast which by the way is great even to us seasoned girl pros!
Posted: 2:51 pm on November 11th

wood_worker5 wood_worker5 writes: You guys have a wonderful show. On a technical note, Ed can you have everyone talk more directly into their microphones? Your voice is always clear and loud, but others are faint. Keep up the good content.
Posted: 12:20 pm on November 3rd

user-261616 user-261616 writes: If Asa is not a regular on this podcast, then it will certainly be the lesser for it. This is the first comment I have left about the podcast and possibly the last. This is a great show please keep it that way.
Posted: 12:46 am on November 2nd

dking10 dking10 writes: Congratulations to Asa putting live ahead of corporate position.

For a clear non-yellowing finish, if spray equipment is available, pre-cat water borne lacquer does a great job.

Keep up the good work.
Posted: 4:59 pm on November 1st

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