Getting the Most From a Threadbox

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A 1-inch threaded dowel can save some $ and add flexibility to the shop.  Handy for outfeed table leveling feet, holding picture frames secure in a spline-cutting jig (the other end of the rod serves as handle while cutting the spline), and especially custom claming vises and presses. The 1" diameter rod is large enough to comfortably grip and apply torque for simple clamps. The savings gained making your own jigs/clamps is well worth the price of the Threadbox and dowel rod. I've not had any problems with the cutter breaking, but did have to sharpen it once to due to rough threads.  Not too much difficulty getting the cutter re-set.  I've only used birch dowels, and poplar for the internal threads.  I soak the rod in linseed oil prior to cutting as instructed.  Seems to do a good job of lubricating, and I go slow with the cutter, back and forth while slowly advancing.  A self-releasing dowel clamp (last two photos) holds the rod firmly while cutting.  The clamp shown holds 1" and 3/4" dowels.  A pair of  internal coil springs spreads the two faces of the clamp when clamp pressure is released.  

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Drop_Bear Drop_Bear writes: I agree with the post above. Also, you've made me dig out my thread boxes to use on my forthcoming jigs. If only I could make a living of off jigs. So satisfying to make and improve upon.
Posted: 11:43 am on July 10th

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