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New Program Aims to Honor Fallen Soldiers

comments (5) October 16th, 2013 in blogs

Ed_Pirnik Ed Pirnik, Senior Web Producer
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A new program being spearheaded by woodworker Ed Sallee aims to provide memorial flag cases for the families of the fallen. - CLICK TO ENLARGE

A new program being spearheaded by woodworker Ed Sallee aims to provide memorial flag cases for the families of the fallen.

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Back in 2002, woodworker Ed Sallee was involved with a program dubbed "Woodworkers United for America." Started by a fellow craftsman in California, the idea was to provide a flag display case to any family member of a 9/11 victim that requested one. The program grew at a rapid clip, resulting in thousands of flag cases being built, delivered, and appreciated to this day.


Now, more than a decade later, Sallee has set out to revive the effort with a slightly different focus. Freedom Flag Cases aims to provide burial flag cases for each family member of a U.S. soldier who has died in service since the September 11th terrorist attacks. This is obviously a task that he could never tackle alone. As such, Sallee is in search of volunteer craftsmen and women who would put their names upon the Freedom Flag Cases website in preparation for the fulfillment of requests by the families of the fallen. Keep in mind that no money will exchange hands in this effort-Sallee is of the belief that if a flag case is required, it's already been more than paid for by virtue of the ultimate sacrifice.


Sallee's website is currently in its infancy, but he aims to get going full-tilt in the very near future. If you're a woodworker interested in contributing to the cause, you can contact the group via email.


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Comments (5)

sandylns sandylns writes:

Wood Magazine has a downloadable flag case plan. Copy and paste the link above. The plans are free and suitable for a variety of flags. It is a PDF so you can scale it to fit. Also gives a material list.
Posted: 3:49 pm on December 16th

fishinhippie fishinhippie writes: count me in. I have a marine that has done 2 tours and will be out again all to soon. He has told me of the men and women lost and this is something I can do to show my support for our troops and my respect to the fallen. I am a weekend woodworking junkie and this will justify my time in the shop to the wife lol. Plans, dims and type of wood and I'm on my way. Thanks for the opportunity to serve again. Sgt. Clark, USAF
Posted: 11:17 am on October 29th

C12H22O11Woodology C12H22O11Woodology writes: I am currently on active duty and being deployed in a couple of weeks, but I would love to help as well. Can plans and dimensions be downloaded? And is there a specific type of wood that is preferred? Thanks.
Posted: 1:16 pm on October 27th

sawyeredu sawyeredu writes: A very noble cause. I would be happy to help. I'm not retired so time is minimal. But, I could pump out a few. I'm from VT and have been seeking a way to pay back my fellow vets or VT fallen. Although I hope I never need to make one, I know it's inevitable that I will. Vermont has many men and women in the forces. Are there plans or measurements for burial flags? It's been some time since I've folded one, so I'm not certain of the dimensions. Also, I assume the cases are nice, with a glass cover, but not so much to over shadow the focal American Flag inside. Count me in.
Posted: 8:05 am on October 20th

2morweeks 2morweeks writes: This is a very good cause, and a chance to give something back to our craft, as well as to the fallen. If every woodworker could knock out 10 to 20 of these cases, the cost would not be that great, and it would really help Sailee accomplish his how 'bout it guys, lets get it done.
Posted: 8:29 am on October 19th

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