The Funeral Chair Part Four: Frame Joinery

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fidgen Tom Fidgen, contributor
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Video Length: 9:55
Produced by: Tom Fidgen

The chair frame joinery.


This is the stage of the project where things really start taking shape.


Up until this point, we've roughed out the cut list, dimensioned the parts, and then made the seat frame.


This video is all about the frame joinery.


Mortise and tenon work with some long slots for the chair pins to travel in.


Let's take a closer look-





Much like the last video I posted, this clip starts with a full scale, paper pattern.


The angled mortises in the top of the legs would be difficult to accurately mark using traditional methods.


A square and a ruler?


Maybe some dividers?


The most straight forward method is a quick paper pattern.


The pattern is placed on the chair parts and the mortise corners are easily marked with an awl.


The dots are connected and the mortises can be made.

I use a brace and bit to remove the bulk of the waste and a chisel quickly refines the lines.


For a detailed plan, cut list and building procedure for this and other hand crafted projects, check out my new book-

The Unplugged Woodshop, available here in The Taunton Store.



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