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Draw latched a more elegant solution in adapting Wynn filter to Grizzly Dust Collector

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Szoots Szoots, member
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Draw latch creates an airtight seal. - CLICK TO ENLARGE

Draw latch creates an airtight seal.

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In various articles to soup up your dust collector, they recommend adapting the Wynn cartridge filter using two plywood rings. One ring screws near the top of the dust collector and the other is used to screw the cartridge onto the first ring. Even if you don't have to remove the cartidge frequently, having to use tools to screw and unscrew seemed less elegant than some other tooless method.

I just did the upgrade using draw latches instead of the second ring and screws. I bought the latches from Amazon for less than $5.00 for (4) and mounted them with pop rivets. I also routed a shallow groove in the plywood ring to better accept the rubber gasget that is attached to the cartridge.

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Comments (2)

sazsall sazsall writes: I also installed the Wynn 35 Series filter on my Harbor Freight dust collector. Instead of cutting rings I simply placed 3/4" thick rubber weatherstripping on the botton of the filter. To hold the filter down I drilled 4 holes (3/8") equally spaced around the upper rim and about 1/2 inch below the rolled edge. Cut a circle about 4 inches larger than the diameter of the filter from fiber board and drilled 4 holes in it corresponding to the holes in the collector rim. Took four lengths of 1/4" all thread rod, bent one end and inserted each in the collector rim and the other end through the holes in the fiber board which was placed on top of the filter. Put washers and nuts on top and tightened them down.
Posted: 2:15 am on March 6th

grumpy66 grumpy66 writes: Hey Szoots nice touch. I did my up grade last summer and it works marvelous. Mine is a one hp. with a cyclone in front of the intake and I have yet to clean the Wynn. everything goes in the cyclone The article said it wouldn't work that well with a one hp colector but i'm really pleased with mine. Thanks for sharing Denis.
Posted: 12:05 pm on December 20th

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