Benchtop Template Multirouter phase2

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The frontside with the follower and place to set up the template.The table moves forward and backwards by moving the lever.
By moving the handle, the rod followes the template,and so the routerbit can route the workpiece in shape.
Even vertical routing is possible. By setting the width and height you can even routesquares of 8 cm x 16 cm.(by using attachments for up and down settings).
Here the table is fixed by a knob on the wanted distance, for use as a normal router table.Therefore a fence is now attached (bolts and threaded nuts).The upper part of the table is now mounted on the lower part.(bolts and threaded nuts).
By setting the range of the movement up and down you can route a vertical dado.The moving to left or right is fixed. The attachments for setting the range to left or right can be fastened on the frame ((bolts and threaded nuts) if you like.
The frontside with the follower and place to set up the template.The table moves forward and backwards by moving the lever. - CLICK TO ENLARGE

The frontside with the "follower" and place to set up the template.The table moves forward and backwards by moving the lever.

These are some photos of my multirouter in the second phase. I build it and now it is time to test, adjust and setup this jig.

I have to make templates for it too. This will take some time,especially in this time of year, as there are also other things to do. When I have tested everything I'll show it here again. Perhaps even with a video (I am not good making videos)

Hopefully I have choosen the right pictures to explain everything.


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quatorze quatorze writes: There are drawings (in Engish) made in Paint, but not quite the same as the real model (evaluation during building the multirouter).
As is was a prototype, some modifications were necessary.
These modifications did result in a little bigger version caused by better guidings. My tiny workshop didn't allow this (It's tipically the Netherlands)
I have written an (Dutch) evaluation with suggestions for improvements but I have not yet translated this PDF.
If anyone want to have this drawings and information, I can send it by mail.
On this moment I have made 3 new different prototypes of routertables with templates and finally I've choosen for a (by me) modificated version of the "Zauberkiste" of Guide Henn which is also usable as a router table.

Posted: 5:29 am on July 28th

JohnOSeattle JohnOSeattle writes: Any chance this has evolved into a set of drawings?
John O
Posted: 6:23 am on July 8th

RMote RMote writes: I'm surprised that Matthias Wandel's jigs & machines on http://woodgears.ca/tools.html weren't included. They're very well designed & documented.
Posted: 12:27 pm on March 14th

DonzoB DonzoB writes: I've looked through the photos and read the text, but I have no idea how this jig works or how its built.
Posted: 9:24 am on March 14th

quatorze quatorze writes: The most important of this jig is the design: in this case for a
router of 500 watt. For the router I use, the frame is strong enough.
You are right,when you use a router of 1200 watt then you have, of course, to adapt the dimensions and the bearings.
This design shows, I hope, how to integrate several functions in one compact machine.
For the moment I have a " winter stop" , I have not such a great workplace and no heating in it.

Posted: 2:54 pm on January 19th

Cadabra Cadabra writes: The description of this jig makes it look and sound awkward. In my experience machines that move a heavy workpiece, or a heavy router must be very rugged, while at the same time moving freely.
Substantial steel ways & gibs, close-fitting linear bearings, and long handles for leverage are few of the design 'keys'.
This wood model looks clumsy and weak.

Maybe a video would help, eh?
Posted: 9:26 am on January 19th

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