AWFS: Steel City benchtop tools cost less and save space

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Steel Citys model 50110 bandsaw offers 6 in. of resaw capacity for just $260. Take it off the stand and it could sit on a benchtop.
Blade changes are a bit easier as you dont have to turn a corner to exit at the side of the table. Instead the fence comes off easily and the blade comes out in a straight line.
The model 20130VS benchtop drill press is pricier at $360 but has full-size capacity and power, with an innovative digital readout.
Press a button and the screen shows either rpms or drilling depth. You can zero out the bit on a board, and then drill to a precise depth without measuring or setting a stop.
Coming soon is a very small planer-jointer combo that boasts 8 in. of milling capacity for $400!
Available now is the 55105 benchtop combo belt/disk for $200, perfect for shaping and smoothing curves, and fine-tuning parts of all kinds.
Steel Citys model 50110 bandsaw offers 6 in. of resaw capacity for just $260. Take it off the stand and it could sit on a benchtop. - CLICK TO ENLARGE

Steel City's model 50110 bandsaw offers 6 in. of resaw capacity for just $260. Take it off the stand and it could sit on a benchtop.

AWFS is largely an industrial show, so I was happy to see that Steel City Toolworks hasn't forgotten about the little guy, or at least the guy with little space! New woodworkers especially should check out Steel City's new Blue Line, a growing number of benchtop versions of essential woodworking machines. These machines cost much less than full-size models, take only a few feet of countertop or bench space, and are portable if need be.

My favorite currently available machine is a 10-in. bandsaw (model 50110) for just $260. With 6 in. of resaw capacity under the guides (that's for turning a board on edge to saw it into thinner slices), this saw will be great for smaller projects of all kinds. And it will have no problem cutting almost any curve.

We also saw a new 8-in. benchtop jointer-planer combo machine that was very intriguing. It's not available yet, but it promises to do most of the milling and dimensioning needed in a small shop, for around $400! For you newbies out there, having a jointer and planer means you are not stuck with the limited thicknesses, warpage, and higher prices of presurfaced stock.

Even more experienced woodworkers will like the new benchtop drill press in the Blue Line. This one is pricier, at $360, but designed with big-shop capacity and some innovative features. It has a big motor, a 3-1/4-in. stroke, instantly variable speed with a digital readout that also shows depth, and a built-in lamp. The table is small and designed for metalworking, but that is because the product guys expect most woodworkers to put their own plywood auxiliary table on top, they told me.

Other Blue Line tools include a couple of combination benchtop sanders and a collapsible, adjustable stand with work-support wings ($139), for mounting any of these tools.

There were also a few new benchtop models in normal Steel City grey, like a lighter-duty planer, the 40100, for just $250; and a simple wood-topped tool stand for just $49.

All of this adds up to good news for new woodworkers. Tell your kids and friends!



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rroades rroades writes: Wow...

"an awfully similar (word choice intended)"

Uh, not so intended! I guess it pays to re-read your own post!
Posted: 8:01 am on August 22nd

rroades rroades writes: The Jointer/Planer combo looks an awfully similar (word choice intended) to Jet's 8" & 10" combos which came out a few years ago. I bought one as I started out, and have only occasionally been able to keep the infeed roughly coplanar to the outfeed, requiring extreme tightening of 2 infeed locking knobs on the back. Even then, a heavy work piece would often weigh down the end of the infeed, so real care has to be taken. I've not been able to sell it, so have really only used the planer part. How is this one different?

Posted: 7:58 am on August 22nd

Musicman89 Musicman89 writes: Hi Glenn. Is there any more info on the jointer/planer combo? Will it be available with a spiral cutter head like your other planers? A possible release date? Thanks!

Posted: 8:22 pm on August 6th

user-2497635 user-2497635 writes: I am in the market now for the drill press and if that baby runs slow enough to make a big hole I am totally interested. So is is available? Where do I get it?

If it isn't available yet please get on the stick! haha
Posted: 11:46 am on August 3rd

Glenn_SCTW Glenn_SCTW writes: Hi Niels, Glenn from Steel City here. Those units should become available around mid-September. In the meantime, here's a brief rundown of the 10" Bandsaw that will give you more of an idea of what it's about.
If you have any questions feel free to get in touch.
Posted: 9:29 am on August 2nd

AsaC AsaC writes: Hi Niels. I saw it in their show brochure, so I believe it is available now, but I don't see it on their website. Just heard from one of their guys who says he will be commenting here to give us an update.
Posted: 8:58 am on August 1st

ncosman ncosman writes: Hi Asa,
Any word on when the 10" bandsaw might be hitting the market?
I have been looking for a teeny saw for my apartment and i've been looking at the rikon (or craftsman version).

Posted: 1:41 pm on July 30th

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