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james3one james3one, member
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This was a design I came up with to use my beech slab, temporarily, in my front workroom.  In stark contrast to my usual engineering methods the design became more complex as I went along.  The top and vise are 8/4 beech and the face is 8/4 maple.  The framing is 2x4's planed down to reduce bulk.  The back legs are canted out at 15 degrees.  The frame, near the vise, sticks up 3/8" above the slab to act as planing stops.  I have a larger bench in the garage but his has turned into my primary workbench.  The vise, top and face are easily romoved. Very portable.  

Design or Plan used: My own design

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Comments (14)

JohnDSherwood JohnDSherwood writes: Unique and superior
Posted: 6:01 am on March 19th

donahuedavid donahuedavid writes: Remarkable design.
Posted: 1:46 am on March 19th

PaulWAdams PaulWAdams writes: Unique and economic design
Posted: 8:08 am on March 17th

DorisCGonzalez DorisCGonzalez writes: I appreciate with your work.
Posted: 2:09 am on March 16th

MariaKRobles12 MariaKRobles12 writes: Perfect design of the table I like its colour.
Posted: 12:11 am on March 16th

JamesJGeyer JamesJGeyer writes: Brilliant
Posted: 7:31 am on March 11th

DanielleJMcAllister DanielleJMcAllister writes: Great Craftsmanship.
Posted: 12:51 am on March 10th

VirginiaSchmidt VirginiaSchmidt writes: Great job done by you. Keep it up.
Posted: 7:55 am on March 4th

AlbertBarrera AlbertBarrera writes: Amazing work done!
Posted: 8:02 am on March 2nd

Jeremiahwalker Jeremiahwalker writes: Absolutely brilliant James, I just love it. It shows great craftsmanship and design, definitely something to be proud of.

Posted: 4:20 am on February 26th

Robzikshi Robzikshi writes: like it
Posted: 3:02 am on May 23rd

victormarsh victormarsh writes: awesome job
Posted: 1:08 pm on March 19th

Sergeant82d Sergeant82d writes: I wish I'd seen this two weeks ago... I just put together an oversized sawbench with a 5 foot long, 2 x 17 inch piece of White Oak... Splayed 2x4 legs (also at 15 degrees) with a trestle-type rail stretcher. I too have a large inside bench, but wanted something better than a piece of plywood on plastic sawhorses to pull outside for sanding stuff on clear days. It does wonders for reducing dust in the shop, as well as my lungs.

I am happy with mine, but yours is better. Nicely done! :-)
Posted: 2:11 pm on February 28th

CDF68 CDF68 writes: I am so impressed! If, in fact, you are a design engineer, this workbench is a compliment to your talents. If you are a woodworker who enjoys 'designing' accessories for your shop you have created a concept worthy of name and design protection. I'll definitely build one for my shop. Thank you for submitting such an intriguing and functionally designed workbench. Great job!
Posted: 11:56 am on January 13th

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