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Homegrown Lathe Duplicator

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Ed_Pirnik Ed Pirnik, Senior Web Producer
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British woodworker Alex Harris cobbled together this ingenius duplicator with a scrap wood, a router motor, and some drawer slides. - CLICK TO ENLARGE

British woodworker Alex Harris cobbled together this ingenius duplicator with a scrap wood, a router motor, and some drawer slides.

Photo: Alex Harris/YouTube

I've heard lot of folks lamenting the disappearance of the traditional "shop class" from high school curriculums in recent years, and it's not without good reason. With very few folks left teaching kids how to craft with their hands, the art of woodworking is in its death throes – or so the thinking goes. One teenaged British woodworker however, is emblematic of the types of young people who will most likely keep this craft alive for the foreseeable future.

Alex Harris has been woodworking for approximately six years, and began sharing technique videos like the one above, for no other reason than to share his journey as a craftsman. Says Harris: "Now, nearly two years later I believe that a number of particularly younger viewers have decided to get involved as a result of the videos which I posted."

With 55 videos on his YouTube channel and some 15,000 subscribers, I'd say Harris has indeed piqued the interest of plenty of folks like me!

 Shopmade Router Copier Lathe

In his short video titled Homebuilt Router Copier Lathe, Harris offers an overview of his homemade lathe duplicator. This rig is nothing more than a router motor attached to a platform that rides on drawer slides, offering two axes of operation. Harris just slips in a template, and a pin attached to the rig follows the pattern. In his video, Harris produces a small vase with ease.

Harris's is the kind of video that makes me feel hopeful that the craft of woodworking will survive the digital deluge of the 21st century.


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Comments (3)

Dzhek Dzhek writes: Well, I think this is great. Rather than seek a copy of his plans, his ingenuity has motivated me to begin sketching up my own ideas for adapting his approach to my old Rockwell Delta 11 lathe, since I am in the process of turning a set of cherry harvest table legs for our kitchen dining area. We have an active woodturning group in our area and reaching out to the young folks who have been deprived by our national nanny attitudes towards hands-on work.
Posted: 8:11 pm on May 25th

begame begame writes: This looks neat. Where can we get details of how to build the copier?
Posted: 10:44 am on May 25th

Nyrki Nyrki writes: Brilliant young man!!
This is what we all need. New ideas and out of the box thinking. Respect!
Posted: 5:03 pm on May 20th

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