Nick Offerman gives handcrafters a home, and you can help

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Offerman with shop manager RH Lee, sporting Offerman Woodshops new denim aprons.
Tool rolls come in a variety of styles, all with leather-lined tool pockets. This version is my favorite.
The outside is durable denim.
All of the Offerman Woodshop products come with a message from Nick, telling you what the shop is all about.
Everyone needs a kazoo.
Not everyone needs a mustache comb, but this is a mighty fine one.
Offerman with shop manager RH Lee, sporting Offerman Woodshops new denim aprons. - CLICK TO ENLARGE

Offerman with shop manager RH Lee, sporting Offerman Woodshop's new denim aprons.

If you wear flannel on your back and sawdust in your hair as a badge of honor, you have a lot to thank Nick Offerman for. He keeps woodworking on prime-time TV, as Ron Swanson on NBC's Parks & Rec; he talks about the craft wherever he goes, from Late Night with David Letterman to the Huffington Post; and he is singlehandedly responsible for the mustaches on a hundred-thousand hipsters. Sure, they are only ironic now, but it's a start. Even Offerman's stand-up comedy act, American Ham, celebrates the handcrafted and hirsute.

But it's not all show biz with Nick. He runs a big shop in Los Angeles, where a growing number of up-and-coming woodworkers have found a home. The "elves" (Nick's word) make a wide range of products, from handcrafted gifts and shop gear to full-on furniture commissions, and they keep all of the proceeds, with just 10% kicked back to shop overhead.

You'll find it all at Hit the For Sale tab on the web site and click on Kindlin'. You'll be paying Nick back in the best way I can think of.



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woodchip3703 woodchip3703 writes: Having built two Red Bird Canoes with plans from Newfound Woodworks, I really enjoyed the canoe video......two comments, well three.....

1. I suggest wrapping the stations with masking tape, it will make removing the canoe from the form much easier.

2. I made my own strips, I had wood fuzz in the coves, I would wrap a short section of strip with sanding paper to run down the length of the strip. Ended up with a 3/4" splinter under a fingernail, trip to the doctor, had to have my fingernail split open to remove the splinter.

And to add insult to injury, 3. stapled my finger to the canoe, no tool within arms reach, alone at home.

I now fish from a conoe I built, with a paddle I built, and land fish with a long handled landing net I built....looking for a fly fishing rod class....
Posted: 7:41 am on May 20th

usafchief usafchief writes: Beautiful video on the canoe. Having built several while stationed in Northern (FAR NORTH) Maine, it is a time consuming project. Couldn't get clear cedar like he had, so used spruce and put one coat of fiber glass on it...
Posted: 12:49 pm on May 18th

user-2334610 user-2334610 writes: The mustache comb pic, nice Mt Rushmore plug. I can see Nick's face up there all ready, comb and all.
Posted: 11:52 pm on May 11th

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