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As a FWW editor, youll visit amazing shops, and learn to take the beautiful photos the magazine is known for.
I shot an article on drawer-making with Mark Edmundson, a great woodworker in Sandpoint, Idaho.
When the work was done, Mark and I went snowshoeing in the mountains behind his house.
I made another lifelong friend in Minneapolis, where I found John Nesset doing world-class work on his front porch.
This is the Japanese-style marking gauge that John made.
I visited Steve Hammer in his Brooklyn shop, soon after he had watched the twin towers fall on 9/11.
Steve and I were only too happy to focus on the woodworking, a beautiful little cherry stand with a curved front.
As a FWW editor, youll visit amazing shops, and learn to take the beautiful photos the magazine is known for. - CLICK TO ENLARGE

As a FWW editor, you'll visit amazing shops, and learn to take the beautiful photos the magazine is known for.

If the two things you love best (beside friends and family) are writing and woodworking, there is no better job than FWW staff editor. You'll travel the country learning from the best craftsmen out there, helping them pass their advice along to passionate woodworkers of all skill levels. At the same time, you'll be raising your own woodworking game, and cutting down your learning curve by a long shot.

I've been here 13 years now, and I started as an entry-level editor. Woodworkers are fascinating, salt-of-the-earth people, and I have had amazing experiences on the road, making lifelong friends along the way.

Make no mistake, though: While you'll have free rein in the huge FWW shop and a constant stream of inspiration, this is a serious editing job. You'll need to take authors' raw step-by-step info and turn it into a compelling read and concise, power-packed captions, etc. Editors with real journalism experience have done the best at FWW, though some good editors have come from academic backgrounds or elsewhere.

And you will need to work in our office in Newtown, CT, every day, at least for the first few years.

The web is a big part of our business, so some experience shooting, editing, or producing video is a plus.

If this sounds like your dream job, go here to apply.


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stoller stoller writes: Why would an editor need to be in Newtown nowadays??
I have a long CV of over 50 peer reviewed publications in th efield of academic surgery ( now retired ) and many national and international presentations...true I am a "senior citizen", but If you have smidgeon of interest...do e mail me.
Posted: 4:04 pm on February 23rd

Sandtazam Sandtazam writes: I would love an opportunity such as this, my only problem is the travel. I own a small business in Tucson and lately it has required all my attention. I recently got a new Powermatic 4224 lathe and I don't even have time to turn on it right now. In a few more weeks I'll be able to get back on it but for now, no extra time. If there were to be something I could do to contribute that could work around my schedule, by all means let me know. I'm building a new workbench that I'll share soon. I had to make time for it out of necessity. Have to hold the work to do the work. 8-) (That's the excuse I'm going with anyway)
Posted: 1:07 pm on February 23rd

NikonD80 NikonD80 writes: AHHHGGhhh!! - my perfect job - just the wrong country.
Posted: 10:20 am on February 18th

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