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_douglas _douglas, member
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this is not a woodworking photo but is is a representation of where the wood comes from.

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James Lennox James Lennox writes: Mr. Holland,

No, you should question your response before you placate it on a comment page. Yellowstone's lodgepole pine forests are stand replacement meaning that they mature and burn and replace themselves since their cones reseed through extreme temperatures. I have been to Yellowstone right after the fires of '88 and many times since then. The fires burned in a mosaic pattern leaving forested areas untouched. And the areas that did burn came back bountifully. Wildfires are a natural cycle that have developed ecosystems for thousands of years. Clearcutting forests and the acts of humans contributes to global warming, not forest fires.

People who do not have a clue should keep their comments to themselves, Mr Holland.
Posted: 9:58 am on February 28th

RJHolland RJHolland writes: It's a firebreak... reducing the biomass reduces the fuel.
More precisely, a firebreak reduces global warming, protects the environment, protects us and provides jobs. Sorry it doesn’t look good - Mother Nature handles this in a more dramatic fashion. Look at what happened to Yellowstone in 1988.
Think before you post.

Posted: 10:39 pm on February 26th

James Lennox James Lennox writes: Douglas,

You did not offend me at all. I think it is important to know where your wood comes from. Here in the western part of the U.S. clear cuts on public lands remove biological diversity, clog streams with silt, and not to mention create a huge eyesore. Most of the time, replanting means only commercially viable trees and not restoring ecosystem diversity. Old growth forests have intrinsic value not just economic.

Thank you for the photo.
Posted: 12:53 pm on February 9th

_douglas _douglas writes: I'm sorry I did mean to offend anyone. little saplings will be planted within a couple of months. It is the law here that if the owner clear cuts it must be rehabbed and replanted within a year.
Posted: 7:46 pm on February 4th

vwdiesel vwdiesel writes: I have so often pulled six foot, or longer, 2x4s out of construction site dumpsters and all they have are a couple of screws or nails in one end that someone was too lazy to pull out. The laziness and waste disgusts me and contributes to the picture that we see here.
Posted: 10:03 am on January 29th

James Lennox James Lennox writes: As long as my wood comes from more sustainable practices rather than the clearcut represented in this photo.
Posted: 8:06 pm on January 28th

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