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The Editors Mailbox

UPDATE: Carving in the Round by Andrew Thomas and How to Carve Wood by Richard Butz

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BetsyE Betsy Engel, contributor
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Lucky user-424118 is the winner. His comment was chosen at random.

Carving In the Round by Andrew Thomas
The Taunton Press, 2012.
$24.95; 192 pp.

The subtitle of Carving in the Round says a lot: 7 Projects to Take Your First Steps in the Art. The book is broken into two parts, the first being The Basics. This section contains many chapters on the tools, the woods and the processes of carving then moves into section two: The Projects. The titles of these projects are Wave, Fossil, Cat, Female Torso, Swan, Emperor Penguin, and Humpback Whale. The book includes clear, step-by-step instruction as well as lots of photos to help you along the way.

How to Carve Wood by Richard Butz
The Taunton Press, 1984.
$19.95; 224 pp.

How to Carve Wood also devotes a lot of space to tools, sharpening, woods , and finishes before getting into design. Then the books moves into specific projects and techniques in the areas of whittling, chip carving, relief carving, wildlife carving, lettering, and architectural carving. This book also includes lots of illustrations and photos.

Lucky user-424118 is the winner. His comment was chosen at random.

Let's hope he posts photos in the gallery of the things he carves.

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Comments (200)

sloeplum sloeplum writes: Wow, what a privilege ! Through modern media and electronics, I can access the works and teachings of incredible craftsmen from all over the world every day of my life.
Posted: 10:41 am on January 30th

SpeedcurveSteve SpeedcurveSteve writes: Two excellent choices for wood carvers. Thanks for the opportunity!
Posted: 11:28 am on January 29th

AdventurousConifer AdventurousConifer writes: Carving would add a nice touch to some of the furniture I build. Sign me up!
Posted: 9:10 am on January 29th

vilv vilv writes: I look forward to the chance to learn more about carving. In my youth i can remember spending hours whittling. I still break out the knifes when camping with the Scouts and look forward to reading on how to make my whittling more like the carvings that I could share.
Posted: 2:16 am on January 29th

Labman1 Labman1 writes: I have memories of carving when a youngster, my parents bought me a small carving chisel set and I promply cut across the top of my middle finger! The scar remains some 45 years later and I continue wood work building and carving to this day.
Posted: 5:29 pm on January 28th

arco21 arco21 writes: Carving is probably my favorite part of woodworking, and yet I do it far too little. Hopefully these books will serve as inspiration!
Posted: 4:19 pm on January 28th

JLRing JLRing writes: Carving is a great skill to have as a wood worker. I feel that it is the minor point that distinguishes the artisan from the craftsman. Both of which I hold in high regard.
Posted: 3:53 pm on January 28th

Beeve77 Beeve77 writes: Sounds like fun, and a new way to spend money on tools!
Posted: 1:22 pm on January 28th

Woodhorder Woodhorder writes: Carving out a winner!
Posted: 1:21 pm on January 28th

DDolphin DDolphin writes: Always looking for more info or a new presentation style for ways to improve/expand my skills. Would love to win the books.
Posted: 11:29 am on January 28th

ed_cook_sr ed_cook_sr writes: I haven't carved anything since Boy Scouts. As I recall, it was fun. I'd love to add this to my woodworking repertoire. These books sound like they would be a big help to get involved in more serious carving.
Posted: 11:28 am on January 28th

Oldtyme Oldtyme writes: Sign me up, please
Posted: 10:58 am on January 28th

Rowbotham Rowbotham writes: I loved carving when I was much younger but I haven't made much time for it lately. It would be fun to start again.
Posted: 10:43 am on January 28th

OhioDave OhioDave writes: Another new area to explore!!

Posted: 10:06 am on January 28th

GeoffKrajeski GeoffKrajeski writes: Sure
Posted: 9:59 am on January 28th

leeh522 leeh522 writes: Just getting started in carving...somewhat late in life. This would be the perfect time to get these two books.
Posted: 9:52 am on January 28th

kimber.kiva kimber.kiva writes: I've ried my hand at carving over the years with out any instruction or training, and I have had fun and produced some interesting pieces.
It would be great to learn more.
Posted: 9:25 am on January 28th

mjend mjend writes: And the winner is: MJEND. Thanks for the opportunity to win and learn!!!!!
Posted: 1:33 am on January 28th

drllucas drllucas writes: I wonder if these books would help an old duffer learn to carve?
Posted: 1:07 am on January 28th

bruno2you bruno2you writes: I really need to learn to carve.
Posted: 12:09 am on January 28th

Blayne_Overman Blayne_Overman writes: Both books sound fantastic!!! Thanks for a chance to win!!!

Posted: 10:03 pm on January 27th

David3203 David3203 writes: The Carving in the round book techniques also apply to carving in stone...if you haven't done that before, give it a try!
Posted: 6:58 pm on January 27th

FarRed FarRed writes: OK, the penguins, probably not, but the second book looks interesting.
Posted: 6:35 pm on January 27th

DWats DWats writes: These would be great to have. I am trying to learn to carve and this would be a big help.
Posted: 4:31 pm on January 27th

user-2348941 user-2348941 writes: Would be a great set of books to win. Thanks
Posted: 4:12 pm on January 27th

user-2348941 user-2348941 writes: This would be a great addition of reference books. Thanks for the chance to win.
Posted: 4:05 pm on January 27th

djcomer48 djcomer48 writes: This would be a valubal tool to making beautiful new projects.
Posted: 2:53 pm on January 27th

mrmikeamaya mrmikeamaya writes: I would love to give carving a try!
Posted: 2:24 pm on January 27th

kenpc1 kenpc1 writes: I have never thought of myself as very creative, but maybe I just need the right motivation and the correct outlet for it. Maybe carving will be "My Thing"
Posted: 1:55 pm on January 27th

dagee68 dagee68 writes: Appreciate the opportunity for books on carving.
Posted: 12:50 pm on January 27th

O2man O2man writes: Always fascinated by carving and I need a new hobby
Posted: 11:35 am on January 27th

j___b j___b writes: Would like to learn more about carving.
Posted: 11:04 am on January 27th

Kevin0804 Kevin0804 writes: Can't wait to add these fine books to my library.
Posted: 10:32 am on January 27th

teamwinner teamwinner writes: I could really use some pointers as I approach retirement from cabinet making and venture into antique reproduction and restoring. Thanks for the opportunity.
Posted: 10:27 am on January 27th

woodwrench woodwrench writes: I would love to be able to carve something into my next project.
Posted: 8:58 am on January 27th

jcwnr jcwnr writes: I want to throw my hat into the carving ring too! Thanks. Joe.
Posted: 8:57 am on January 27th

keithver keithver writes: carving is a new skill I want to learn
Posted: 7:03 am on January 27th

Renato51 Renato51 writes: Hi, carving give a special touch to some pieces of furniture and turns e.g. a simple bread box into a small work of art. I have some books on carving also from Taunton Press and I would love to add those two to my library. Thank for the opportunity.
Posted: 3:24 am on January 27th

jSwann jSwann writes: Can't wait to put these to good use!
Posted: 3:14 am on January 27th

Diamond1 Diamond1 writes: These would be a couple of nice books to add to my library.
Posted: 1:00 am on January 27th

Murray54 Murray54 writes: count me in looks like two great books
Posted: 12:34 am on January 27th

jackiew jackiew writes: I inherited a bed with a carved head and footboard and I would love to be able to make a piece of furniture with matching carving. Maybe these books would help me get started.
Posted: 11:34 pm on January 26th

kg4tat kg4tat writes: I have several of mr butz's books. Ienjoy them quite a bit..Thanks JB
Posted: 11:29 pm on January 26th

tims2 tims2 writes: "Carving In The Round" will make a nice addition to my carving books! Richard's book would also be given a good home.
Posted: 11:16 pm on January 26th

Paladin2025 Paladin2025 writes: Looks like a great introduction to carving through this combination of books. Thanks for providing these giveaways!
Posted: 11:13 pm on January 26th

Archae Archae writes: I've whittled toothpicks and hot dog skewers as a Boy Scout, chiseled a rough human form out of a block of plaster in college, but I've never carved anything more than my initials into wood. I'm ready, bring it on, give me these books so I can become an accomplished wood carver.
Posted: 10:55 pm on January 26th

customwood customwood writes: I've gotten comfortable with making wood flat; now I should learn to add dimension through carving.
Posted: 10:47 pm on January 26th

Obeeswax Obeeswax writes: I've read the medical field is trying carving as a form of therapy to deal with the chronic pain and hopefully reduce medication and combat depression associated with back injuries.

You Tube has some fantastic carvers. I'm partial to Gene Messer (whittler 0507) and Arleen (carverswoodshop) along with several spoon carvers.

I would always appreciate a book or two.
Posted: 10:22 pm on January 26th

tjchambo tjchambo writes: Look like great carving books...thanks for the opportunity to participate in the drawing!
Posted: 10:04 pm on January 26th

cbeckham cbeckham writes: Thanks for the opportunity to win a couple of interesting books. Have been carving for a while, but always looking for more information.
Posted: 9:33 pm on January 26th

wordsmith7 wordsmith7 writes: I'd like to learn to carve relief work. Thx
Posted: 9:06 pm on January 26th

MS_Jay MS_Jay writes: Great! Sign me up.
Posted: 8:19 pm on January 26th

RinkStorey RinkStorey writes: I think my wife might like these...
Posted: 7:59 pm on January 26th

DPDavis DPDavis writes: Sound great, sign me up

Posted: 7:36 pm on January 26th

greenshedjim greenshedjim writes: I have done chip carving. Studied with Wayne Barton. These look like a good way to get 'in the round'.
Posted: 7:28 pm on January 26th

PhilipBos PhilipBos writes: These look like a valuable resource for learning the craft of carving. I have more time than money lately, so these books would be most appreciated.
Posted: 6:03 pm on January 26th

user-1029045 user-1029045 writes: Once upon a time I worked at a shop that specialized in high-style projects. As such carved details were a fundamental part of capturing the historic flavor.

The owner was a talented man and capable enough to whittle out Baroque ornaments. However these days it's hard to make a living in Geppetto's workshop. So, most of our carvings came off of the CNC. That darn thing would fill the shop with MDF dust and a 30,000 rpm whine all day. No breaks. No lunch.

Please know that I chose this profession because it suits me. Also I completely understand and accept what it means to be a cabinetmaker. But that machine would wear me out more than the work ever did. I began calling the condition 'Noise Fatigue.' Long story short, if not for the therapeutic properties of imported ale the condition could have become terminal.

I am glad there are others like me and that my story is not unique. Noisy, dusty shops are epidemic. The craft I love is becoming an anachronism. I think about my grandfathers shop almost daily and I buy Yankee screwdrivers from shoeboxes on the ground at flea markets. I worry that someday my career opportunities will be reduced to titles like 'Assembler' or 'Machine Operator.'

It's time for me to get off of the soapbox so here are the Cliif Notes: woodworking is good, so is beer, and I hope to win those books because I love the sound, the smell and the feel of a sharp edge as it cuts through a piece of wood.

Posted: 5:38 pm on January 26th

buffal1130 buffal1130 writes: i have wanted to learn craving, the books would be a great start

Posted: 5:32 pm on January 26th

Tree City Woodcrafter Tree City Woodcrafter writes: I found a carving group here in town but found no instruction as to how to begin. Hopefully, a book can give me a good start. I have learned that a collection of 30 year-old wood is too hard to carve. I guess I need to start with green wood.
Posted: 5:27 pm on January 26th

Fabuladico Fabuladico writes: Never tried carving, but it looks intriguing and a lot of fun. I have a sister who does it all the time. She likes to make wooden replicas of handtools. Thanks for the chance to win, and upgrade my abilities.
Posted: 5:04 pm on January 26th

joecohen joecohen writes: I'd like to learn to carve and add decorative elements to my projects. Thanks.
Posted: 4:44 pm on January 26th

klhbuilder klhbuilder writes: I have a 24" x 8" x 12" piece of walnut, I would like to carve it into a fish and could use some instruction.
Posted: 4:35 pm on January 26th

J_White J_White writes: I have become interested in carving. Have a lot to learn, but these two books would help. What a wonderful prize!
Posted: 4:27 pm on January 26th

user-623638 user-623638 writes: carving brings out your creativity.
Posted: 4:25 pm on January 26th

S_Adair S_Adair writes: I'm new to woodcarving and need pointers to do it right. This would help me in my box making designs and to embelish any furniture I would like to try. As always keep up the fine traditions of Fine Woodworking!
Posted: 4:23 pm on January 26th

aaijr aaijr writes: I'd really like to try carving someday. It seems like a very relaxing activity.
Posted: 4:18 pm on January 26th

noelnivel noelnivel writes: carving it one of the nicest ways to get close to the wood and the finished product.
Posted: 3:29 pm on January 26th

D11RDozer D11RDozer writes: I don't know if I have the artistic touch for carving but I would like to learn the secrets.
Posted: 3:15 pm on January 26th

pcbg01207 pcbg01207 writes: Knowledge is power! More power to the elbow helps to make work better.

Posted: 3:05 pm on January 26th

Oldgrip Oldgrip writes: I've been carving, chip carving & charicature carving, for a couple years now and these two books would differently help me advance to a new challenging level. Both architectural and full rounds are something I'd like to expand to.
Posted: 2:27 pm on January 26th

anonmt anonmt writes: Please?
Posted: 2:20 pm on January 26th

Kantola Kantola writes: I would love to use carving to enhance the beauty of the boxes I make.

Posted: 2:17 pm on January 26th

justforcontests justforcontests writes: Entering contest :-)
Posted: 2:14 pm on January 26th

oops47 oops47 writes: Have been considering trying carving and adding to my repertoire.
Posted: 2:13 pm on January 26th

casaheil casaheil writes: Looks like a great way to lean how to approach carving rather than hacking away at a picee of wood without a strategy.
Posted: 1:55 pm on January 26th

KenWoodWiz KenWoodWiz writes: Well, since I've never carved, this would be a good way to learn how. I'm game.
Posted: 1:39 pm on January 26th

me111 me111 writes: Would like to try carving.
Posted: 1:37 pm on January 26th

nexttripp nexttripp writes: Either of these books would be a fabulous inspiration for my sons

Posted: 1:26 pm on January 26th

AOGutierrez AOGutierrez writes: I have just been looking into getting started on carving acanthus and oak and grape patterns for panels. These should help when I win.
Posted: 1:24 pm on January 26th

wolflahti wolflahti writes: I've always been meaning to start woodcarving but haven't yet found the right motivation. With these books, I guess I wouldn't have that excuse anymore.
Posted: 1:24 pm on January 26th

CanadianNorth CanadianNorth writes: First off, thanks for the book giveaway, its greatly appreciated. I have just very recently started to learn how to wood carve (in the last 2 weeks). These books would be a valuable asset to the start of my new journey into this new area of woodworking.
Posted: 1:13 pm on January 26th

HowDog HowDog writes: Both books look very good. I have not done any carving, although an Uncle was very good at it. I always wanted to lean. Thanks!
Posted: 1:04 pm on January 26th

waxtracker waxtracker writes: I'm just retiring and would love to give wood carving a try. I have not seriously tried it before. It would be nice to enhance some of my projects with a bit of carving. Kerry
Posted: 12:48 pm on January 26th

cueball112 cueball112 writes: I have never had the skill to do carving (tried it once from an article but not very successful) Would like a chance to win the books that would make me a carver (somewhat)
Posted: 12:42 pm on January 26th

Jasper_50 Jasper_50 writes: Please put me in for these great sounding books. Thanks Guys
Posted: 12:40 pm on January 26th

deutschpwa deutschpwa writes: I really enjoy carving and would love t win the books. Maybe I could learn some tricks to speed the process of carving up so that I could get more carving done faster.
Posted: 12:32 pm on January 26th

abbysk abbysk writes: Thank you for the opportunity. You guys make woodworking a lot more fun. Thank you for that.
Posted: 12:24 pm on January 26th

saxmanm7 saxmanm7 writes: Haven't done any carving in years. I have been sharpening my chisels to get carving again. These books would certainly help with the inspiration!
Posted: 12:21 pm on January 26th

dale_pd dale_pd writes: They both look like they have a lot of valuable information. I thank you for this opportunity to be entered into the drawing.
Posted: 12:18 pm on January 26th

Kellco Kellco writes: Ron - I've been working in construction since I was 15 and just turned 65. Woodworking is my 2nd best hobby only 2nd to my first hobby "Work". Would love to add woodcarving to my skills and both books look like a great place to start.

Thank you
Posted: 11:53 am on January 26th

maisegirl maisegirl writes: I would love to win these books to improve my skills as I am new to carving!
Posted: 11:47 am on January 26th

Blackdart1966 Blackdart1966 writes: I'd like a chance at the books - keep up the good work!! Thanks!!
Posted: 11:47 am on January 26th

grin grin writes: Nice Books.
Posted: 11:44 am on January 26th

MemeLucie MemeLucie writes: I would love to win these books! My father started carving when he took his retirement - he did fantastic ducks - the passion of his life! I would like to add carving to my woodworking work. Thanks for the draw!
Posted: 11:41 am on January 26th

Fiveoaks Fiveoaks writes: Toss my name in the pot. Looking to try some letter carving.
Posted: 11:30 am on January 26th

kerngm kerngm writes: Always been a bit tentative when is comes to carving wood. Time to find out what it is about . Thanks for the opportunity.
Posted: 11:26 am on January 26th

dkbks1 dkbks1 writes: I've done a small polar bear so the Thomas penguin looks especially interesting.
Posted: 11:13 am on January 26th

jonrwoodman jonrwoodman writes: Time to try my hand at something new! Thanks for the opportunity to win these interesting works.
Posted: 11:06 am on January 26th

hmerkle hmerkle writes: Love Butz and Thomas (I guess that didn't come out quite right...)
But regardless - learning from two people who can really relate the craft is awesome - sign me up!

Posted: 10:54 am on January 26th

Skindem Skindem writes: I've been thinking about taking a carving class, and these books would be a great intro!
Posted: 10:53 am on January 26th

Picho Picho writes: I recently took a carvin class and I'm interested on learning more.
Posted: 10:47 am on January 26th

TheToadMen TheToadMen writes: Wow,
I would like to win these books to learn wood carving. My wife is going to make her own small pilgrimage and I want to make her a beautiful carved walking rod.
So ... I hope I'l win ....
Posted: 10:46 am on January 26th

granolajohn granolajohn writes: I agree with MichhW that carving appears intimidating - something that only a seasoned old woodworker could undertake - but hopefully is possible for an unseasoned old woodworker.
Posted: 10:40 am on January 26th

buoyd buoyd writes: As a beginning carver, I would find these books very helpful.
Posted: 10:39 am on January 26th

driver61 driver61 writes: I have just started to woodcarve and it has been enjoyable.
Posted: 10:35 am on January 26th

wbillmc wbillmc writes: To develop the skills to create such imagery in wood has long been a goal. I appreciate the opportunity to win these wonderful books by Andrew Thomas and Richard Butz. I promise to put these books to good use.
Posted: 10:24 am on January 26th

derring derring writes: As a recent retiree, I look forward to developing skills in woodcarving as a pastime.
Posted: 10:16 am on January 26th

jbs550 jbs550 writes: would love to start doing some carving.
Posted: 10:13 am on January 26th

bigrsc bigrsc writes: I love working with wood but like most , don't find the time or have the bucks for the equipment. But getting some reading material would be a GIANT + to get a move on.!
Posted: 10:02 am on January 26th

ingrainedcreations ingrainedcreations writes: My papa was a wood carver. Maybe with time and patience so might I be -- maybe?
Posted: 9:38 am on January 26th

grampapeters grampapeters writes: After being disabled at a rather early age (58) I pondered for several years on what I could do to feel somewhat productive with what remained of my abilities as a carpenter for nearly 37 years. Since I am an avid sportsman and love to fish I thought I would try my hand at crafting my own fishing lures. It has become a real challenge and much of the work is done by hand carving the intricate shapes and features of the lures. I would like to expand into carving the fish themselves and these books would be a major help in developing the skills I need to accomplish that challenge. As they say, NEVER GIVE UP! Health and prosperity to all. Pappy
Posted: 9:37 am on January 26th

Lucky_Girl Lucky_Girl writes: Have done some light carving. Need to expand. These books look like they might just be the thing. As a turner and woodworker, the possibilities are limitless.
Posted: 9:31 am on January 26th

clack37 clack37 writes: Just bought about 30 carving tools from a local craftsman in chiang Mai Thailand where they do some amazing carving and can hardly wait to get back to USA to try them out. These 2books along with the tools should help me a lot. Put me on the list
Posted: 9:19 am on January 26th

kkpp3 kkpp3 writes: But I thought carving was easy: just chip away everything that doesn't look right.
Posted: 9:18 am on January 26th

edontheedge edontheedge writes: Thanks for a chance to win and learn more.
Posted: 9:13 am on January 26th

thehistorydude thehistorydude writes: I think the last time I carved something was when I was a Boy Scout, neckerchief slides, doodles, nothing much nor nothing impressive. Now that my son in in Cub Scouts, I've/we've returned to carving. He's been woodworking with me since he was 3 or 4, and now it's time to add to our repertoire. He's dying to make a rattlesnake neckerchief slide like mine and I'd like to improve my flat carving skills as well.
Posted: 8:56 am on January 26th

charliej charliej writes: one year when I was a scout master. I took along a small set of carving tools to summer camp. When some of the boys seem me whittleing a wooden chain, some of them try their hand a using the tools a had brought. Oe of the boys did go on to carve and eagle plaque that still hands above the door of the building that is used for the scout hall. Every onec in awhile I get the bug to try to carve somethig after looking at a carving mag. But then I give up aftertying a few cuts. I think having a viedo to go along with a begininig book would be great. Maybe that would help me to keep trying
Posted: 8:50 am on January 26th

EdABC EdABC writes: Butz is always good reading....Thanks.
Posted: 8:48 am on January 26th

fanfanm fanfanm writes: count me in,love carving....
Posted: 8:40 am on January 26th

WoodCrafter WoodCrafter writes: Looks interesting. I'm in.
Posted: 8:37 am on January 26th

mrkforsyth mrkforsyth writes: There are two ways I learn,1)By Reading
2)By Doing
I am an amateur carver already,but I find that the more techniques I learn,the better carver I strive to be.Please put me on the list.
Posted: 8:37 am on January 26th

camilleraven camilleraven writes: Count me in
Posted: 8:34 am on January 26th

jbh1010 jbh1010 writes: As a senior woodworker, this looks like something to that would ad skills to our limited mobility. Love to have a opportunity.
Posted: 8:32 am on January 26th

rgwinn rgwinn writes: These books look like an improvement over the carve a spirit face books that everyone has written. Skills, tools and artistic projects..
Posted: 8:30 am on January 26th

harry1936 harry1936 writes: sounds like fun
Posted: 8:24 am on January 26th

rockclimber70 rockclimber70 writes: I'm an amateur carver who learns mostly from books. 2 more in my library would be great!
Posted: 8:21 am on January 26th

jbeal jbeal writes: Please add me to the list.
Posted: 8:17 am on January 26th

GoYouSalukis GoYouSalukis writes: count me in!
Posted: 8:16 am on January 26th

GoYouSalukis GoYouSalukis writes: Count me in!
Posted: 8:15 am on January 26th

jbschutz jbschutz writes: I enjoy adding carved elements to some of my boxes. These books would be a great addition to my library and serve to advance my carving skills
Posted: 8:12 am on January 26th

jbschutz jbschutz writes: I enjoy adding carved elements to some of my boxes. These books would be a great addition to my library and serve to advance my carving skills
Posted: 8:12 am on January 26th

user-675362 user-675362 writes: I wouldlove to learn ot carve. Just need a kickstart!
Posted: 8:12 am on January 26th

zumbo zumbo writes: I've been woodworking for 25 years; it's probably time to learn some carving. That's what so great about woodworking - there's always something new to learn.
Posted: 8:11 am on January 26th

HandyInID HandyInID writes: I have used some online videos to get me started with carving but some books to have on hand would very useful.
Posted: 8:08 am on January 26th

woodsyguy81 woodsyguy81 writes: I know the perfect spot on my bookshelf for these books... Although they wouldn't stay there for long!!!
Posted: 8:05 am on January 26th

egudeth egudeth writes: You can never get enough of "how to " books !
Posted: 8:05 am on January 26th

tmu tmu writes: I've got some carving tools, just need to get a little more "know how" to get started in carving.
Posted: 8:04 am on January 26th

Jhopewell Jhopewell writes: Please put me on he list for winning those books!
Posted: 8:03 am on January 26th

Ljlc Ljlc writes: I'd love to carve a place in my library for these books.
Posted: 7:42 am on January 26th

BrunoL BrunoL writes: It is always good to add more "How To" books to the library.
Posted: 7:40 am on January 26th

WHE WHE writes: I have done a little carving and would like to learn more.
I think these books could help. Thanks for the chance to win them.
Posted: 7:37 am on January 26th

Fuzzy52 Fuzzy52 writes: I've done a little carving, but nothing I would show anybody! Perhaps it's time to find out how it is supposed to be done...
Posted: 7:29 am on January 26th

RichardZ RichardZ writes: I have considered carving but never had the inspiration to give it a serious try perhaps the books will do that!
Posted: 7:25 am on January 26th

Joe701 Joe701 writes: Ive been trying to learn how to carve, for a project that I want to build
It would definitely help to have these books to add to
Help me pick up some pointers and solid advice from the pros.
Posted: 7:21 am on January 26th

mrmmike mrmmike writes: Since I'm currently without a shop, carving keeps me busy! I could use these two books for new techniques and ideas! Thanks!
Posted: 7:20 am on January 26th

flcracker flcracker writes: Ive always wanted to try carving, this may give me the kick I need.
Posted: 7:03 am on January 26th

bwolfewolfe bwolfewolfe writes: I am interested in learning to carve. These books would help me get started.
Posted: 7:00 am on January 26th

user-152706 user-152706 writes: I have always been interested in carveing, but afraid to get started on my own.
Posted: 6:47 am on January 26th

Dan01 Dan01 writes: Don't carve in the round, but would love to learn.
Posted: 6:37 am on January 26th

Tomball Pa Tomball Pa writes: As with the rest of my woodworking skills, I am a 'student' of carving and love how relaxing it is and that I can take many my carving tools with me on those rare times I get away. . .
Posted: 6:33 am on January 26th

Cheech_Wizard Cheech_Wizard writes: Birdy num num....
I used to know an Andrew Thomas.... then one day, he walked into the woods never to return. So glad to hear he's doing well for himself :)

Posted: 6:29 am on January 26th

Ron001 Ron001 writes: Butz is the best. He takes you from basic concepts to more advanced in a way that's easy to follow.
Posted: 5:31 am on January 26th

opie123 opie123 writes: Carving is on my list of skills to add. Please sign me up.
Posted: 5:18 am on January 26th

paotrader paotrader writes: Well hello world....Thanks for a chance on the books.
Posted: 5:12 am on January 26th

Houghton123 Houghton123 writes: I've wanted to learn carving for a while, and have some furniture ideas that would require carving in the round. These look like good resources for me to learn from, so I'll be happy to win them. Just contact me for my address!

There: is that optimistic enough?
Posted: 4:09 am on January 26th

Nutterbudder Nutterbudder writes: These would be put to great use by myself and my children!
Posted: 9:20 am on January 25th

Andy_L Andy_L writes: I would love to have both books. That's two excuses for me not to take down the Christmas lights.
Posted: 9:40 pm on January 24th

SirRichard SirRichard writes: Great!!!

I have been looking at carving to keep myself out of my wife's hair.
Posted: 6:34 pm on January 24th

Brian4star Brian4star writes: Add me to the list as well please, just beginning carving in the round - moving up from chip carving.
Posted: 10:10 am on January 24th

JocknTexas JocknTexas writes: yeah , me too please
Posted: 3:34 am on January 24th

Dank24 Dank24 writes: Sign me up. I would love to add the carving dimension to my projects.
Posted: 7:46 pm on January 23rd

Dank24 Dank24 writes: Sign me up. I would love to add the carving dimension to my projects.
Posted: 7:46 pm on January 23rd

barca_a_vela barca_a_vela writes: I have always admired carving and would love to learn with these books in hand. Thanks for the chance.

Posted: 4:23 pm on January 23rd

Forbsy Forbsy writes: I'd love to add this pair of books to my collection as I've recently acquired a collection of carving tools and I'm registered to take a carving course at John C. Campbell Folk School this March. Looking forward to it! It's been too long to mention the last time I wrote a book report though.
Posted: 8:07 pm on January 22nd

Rambler Rambler writes: I would really like to add another dimension to my woodworking. There is only so many curves to be created with a router!
Posted: 7:41 pm on January 22nd

woodychips55 woodychips55 writes: I have wanted to try carving for many years now but every time I look at the required tools new or used I just can't commit.
I don't know if I have the level of artistic skills required but one day I am going to push my limits and give it a try.
Posted: 6:48 pm on January 22nd

WiseGuy81 WiseGuy81 writes: This looks cool. I;ve been thinking of signing up for Mary May's online courses but this would give me a head start.
Posted: 6:01 pm on January 22nd

Tirebiter14 Tirebiter14 writes: As a woodworker, I'd love the chance to learn more about carving, and as a writer, I'd love the chance to write a review of the book.
Posted: 2:04 pm on January 22nd

jverreault jverreault writes: Since I love to carve these would be excellent additions to my library.
Posted: 1:33 pm on January 22nd

JoeBurd JoeBurd writes: Would love both books!

Posted: 11:08 am on January 22nd

avocado101 avocado101 writes: Would love the opportunity to learn carving from these books!
Posted: 11:06 pm on January 21st

user-4877795 user-4877795 writes: Best way to start-off wood carving...
Posted: 7:44 pm on January 21st

rusty418 rusty418 writes: Both books look like they could take my carvings to another level! I have taken a few classes but I know there is so much more to learn.
Posted: 6:23 pm on January 21st

6drum 6drum writes: Always love learning!
Posted: 3:07 pm on January 21st

user-2389476 user-2389476 writes: Count me in the book drawing.
Posted: 2:39 pm on January 21st

bennygred bennygred writes: Thank You
Posted: 2:15 pm on January 21st

Blue_Rocco Blue_Rocco writes: Yes, I would like a chance to win. This would be a great birthday present since my birthday is the 29th!
Posted: 1:51 pm on January 21st

Julien_D Julien_D writes: They look like great references. Thank you for the opportunity!
Posted: 1:48 pm on January 21st

user-2345269 user-2345269 writes: Being a novice woodcarver,I would love a chance to win both of these books
Posted: 12:51 pm on January 21st

srt19170 srt19170 writes: Looks like a nice book!
Posted: 12:46 pm on January 21st

jeffreyi jeffreyi writes: Both books seem very useful.
Posted: 12:44 pm on January 21st

jheller jheller writes: I would like to win those books.
Posted: 12:19 pm on January 21st

Spenyg Spenyg writes: Would love to get my hands on this book, been interested in Carving for some time now
Posted: 9:57 am on January 21st

Yourd4d Yourd4d writes: Would be very interested. Thanks for the opportunity. Carving is one of the next steps in my woodworking school and my son is very interested as well.
Posted: 9:27 am on January 21st

tedb tedb writes: New to carving. These books would help.
Posted: 8:00 am on January 21st

GBurg GBurg writes: Look like great books.
Posted: 1:28 am on January 21st

jdm92562 jdm92562 writes: This would be a great tool to help me learn carving.
Posted: 8:48 pm on January 20th

user-2384532 user-2384532 writes: Would love the chance to expand my knowledge. Thanks for the chance
Posted: 8:11 pm on January 20th

MyronfromIowa MyronfromIowa writes: I'd really like to get into carving but don't have the know-how. I'd love a chance at these books!
Posted: 7:22 pm on January 20th

ShooterBoy ShooterBoy writes: I really like those penguins! I have always wanted to carve something, but my dad (who taught what I know) never liked carving and so never did any! Perhaps the give away might change something for me.
Posted: 5:17 pm on January 20th

BA3 BA3 writes: My carving experience pretty much boils down to glorified whittling back (way back) in Boy Scout days -- but every time I see a carving demo I become more interested in trying it for real. Heck... I've even started saving interesting wood for use. Real guidance (and inspiration) from these books would be of real benefit.
Posted: 4:46 pm on January 20th

KarmaIan KarmaIan writes: We had an amazing program on British TV about the work of Grinlin Gibbon. I feel I would like to have a go at a simple piece of carving. I've bought some pieces from a Tibetan carver in India. The tibetans still have many living craft traditions including wood carving.
Posted: 4:44 pm on January 20th

308defense 308defense writes: Thank you for the chance a book that would help me become a wood carver in the round. It looks like fun.
Posted: 4:29 pm on January 20th

Eriewood Eriewood writes: Oh My Gosh !!! This book is a must have for me ! If by some fluke I won it that would be awesome, but if not I'll have to purchase it anyways. Just started carving caricatures several years ago and am told I am very good. Surprised me the most as had not attempted it in the past. Any books on carving are a welcome addition to my library.
Ron :)
Posted: 4:06 pm on January 20th

MikeSweet MikeSweet writes: Rick Butz's book was the first carving book I purchased. It is a great book. I loved watching the show he had on PBS.
Posted: 2:55 pm on January 20th

PlaneJoe PlaneJoe writes: It's good to see the FWW editors expand the content of the magazine beyond fine furniture. I tend to build mainly furniture as well but a turned or carved piece is definitely a work of art and worth learning!
Posted: 2:29 pm on January 20th

rgdaniel rgdaniel writes: This would serve as incentive to try this wood carving thing... although my turkey carving is NOT a thing of beauty...
Posted: 12:06 pm on January 20th

tepsija tepsija writes: Seems nice book, although I have never tried woodcurving, I would like to try. I am also thinking about pocket Carving knife; maybe this is the right time.
Posted: 10:01 am on January 20th

MicahW MicahW writes: Thanks for the opportunity! Carving is something I've long been intimidated by but would like to try.
Posted: 9:46 am on January 20th

Larrythewoodguy Larrythewoodguy writes: Thanks for a chance to win.
Posted: 8:32 am on January 20th

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