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a dozen case pieces

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danmosheim dan mosheim, contributor
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a greene and greene inspired tall tapered bureau
same cabinet, closed
slide copier set up .. angled, frosted glass, white cloth on the glass table top behind it, transparency resting on the glass, sunlight through the window, d90 nikon on a tripod.
c r ashbee, arts and crafts inspired cabinets .. c r ashbee was an early 20th century arts and crafts architect, designer, and educator in england.
tall tapered highboy in curly maple and redwood veneers
the double bureau that went with it
a greene and green inspired desk and chair
a custom candy display case from the early 80s
another view of the 46 around parallelogram
a loose copy of a clients antique bureau
a more contemporary bureau
not really a case piece per se, but its a nice transparency
a greene and greene inspired tall tapered bureau - CLICK TO ENLARGE

a greene and greene inspired tall tapered bureau

Photo: photo by cook neilson

i'm on a mission to digitize some of the 4x5 color transparencies that were shot by my friend cook neilson before he retired from photography in 2001. cook is a famous motorcycle guy, famous photographer, famous magazine guy and all around good friend. his retirement forced me to learn to set up and take my own digital photos which was frustrating at first, but one of the things i enjoy about our work now. my efforts in the past at scanning the 4 x 5 slides were expensive and in my opinion not worth the money. scanning the satin finish 11 x 14 photos was not a success either. i hit upon the idea shown in the 3rd photo above in desperation and found it to be cheap, (free), quick, (a minute or so to set up and capture each image), and 'good enough'. i've also had pretty good luck photographing 35 mm slides in one of those small handheld deals i'm sure you have around somewhere. i'm working my way slowly through those and i have to say there is a pretty heavy nostalgia factor involved. it's nice to see the old stuff crispy and fairly large on my desktop monitor. there are more and larger images in this post on my dorset custom furniture blog.  i hate to say it fine woodworking, but they look better blown up on my blog than they do here ... there are about 25 there in all .. happy new year !! dan

Design or Plan used: My own design - dan mosheim, dorset custom furniture
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