Ultimate Spline Jig

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Overall Picture of the Spline Jig.
24 long by 7 wide.
Back of jig showing cradle for blade height gauge.
Blade Height Gauge
Indexing Rulers - Routed and glued in place.
The fruits of my labor. Also shows toggle hold down on the stop block.
Overall Picture of the Spline Jig.
24 long by 7 wide.  - CLICK TO ENLARGE

Overall Picture of the Spline Jig.

24" long by 7" wide.

Photo: Waxing Moon Wood

I had a requirement to do some precision work with splines.... and the old stand by jig that rode the fence...well, just didn't cut it for me. Too much of the box hanging out in the air.

So, I came up with this.

The jig rides in both of the miter slots on the tablesaw and is square to blade throughout.

The jig has a sliding stop block, which locks down with carriage bolts. The stop block also has a toggle hold down. 

I also routed out a place to accept 1/4" mdf 1.5" x 3" as a replaceable zero clearance insert.

I found these handy little pocket rulers that are accurate to 1/32" and passed a side by side test laying next to one of my incra rulers. I have one each, indexed on the 1/8" blade kerf, the 1/4" blade kerf and a 3/8" blade kerf. There is a 1/32" difference from one blade to the next bringing out a 1/16" variance from 1/8" to 3/8"

I also made a little gauge (triangle piece) to measure the blade height. It tucks away neatly in a cradle made for it on the back of the jig.

Fun to use, accurate and I am liking it more than some of the boxes I make with it.....


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