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The Editors Mailbox

UPDATE: The Foundations of Better Woodworking by Jeff Miller

comments (305) January 10th, 2013 in blogs

BetsyE Betsy Engel, contributor
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The Foundations of Better Woodworking by Jeff Miller

Popular Woodworking Books, 2012.

$29.99; 192 pp.

Jeff Miller has been teaching woodworking for a long time and along the way he discovered that a lot of students are lacking fundamental woodworking knowledge and skills. In this book, The Foundations of Better Woodworking, he sets out to "pull together as much fundamental woodworking knowledge as possible" and provide a foundation so "all woodworking skills can be built and improved." The book is divided into 3 sections: 

1. Understanding the Basics, which has chapters on wood, tools and sharpening. Additionally, there is a chapter, "Using Your Body", which has 12 pages devoted to such things as stance, generating force, and working at the proper height. Another chapter is "Learning to See" which covers lighting, viewing angle, where to look, and observation. 

2. Getting a Better Sense of Where You're Going is all about measuring, layout, cutting to the line, flattening a board, and getting and staying square. 

3. Learning as You Work covers making mistakes, feedback - visual, audible (what sound is the plane making?), tactile, and olfactory - practicing, and lastly, putting it all together.


Lucky AndySpooner is the winner. His comment was chosen at random.

Stay tuned for more giveaways to come.



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Comments (305)

MichaelEM MichaelEM writes: As a self-taught woodworker I want to absorb the fundamentals of Woodworking but have not found a good starting point. The Foundations of Better Woodworking by Jeff Miller looks like a great place to begin soaking up the hands-on knowledge I need. Also, I wouldn't mind winning the book either.
Posted: 8:03 pm on January 12th

Julien_D Julien_D writes: Am I too late? I hope not! Would love to have the chance to win this fantastic book. Thanks much.
Posted: 4:34 pm on January 9th

oak76 oak76 writes: As a hobby woodworker who likes to try new things, it is sometimes hard to get the proper techniques and avoid bad habits. This sounds like a great resource.
Posted: 12:49 pm on January 9th

user-208125 user-208125 writes: Sounds like the book I need to develop a solid base on which to develop my wood working skills
Posted: 9:16 am on January 9th

hawkswin hawkswin writes: This book looks like it would be a great addition to my collection. I always enjoy reading books by Jeff.
Posted: 12:29 am on January 9th

bobstan bobstan writes: Looks like a great book to add to my library. Thanks for the contest.
Posted: 9:49 pm on January 8th

SAyotte SAyotte writes: Every chance I get I try to learn just a little bit more about woodworking with the goal being that I will some day be a proficient hand tool woodworker only using power tools where absolutely necessary.
Posted: 9:03 pm on January 8th

PAKJAK PAKJAK writes: Looks like a good foundation book as well as a good reference on best techniques. Woiuld be a great addition to my woodowkring reference library
Posted: 5:54 pm on January 8th

Centravac Centravac writes: Looks like a great "back to the basics" type of book that could benefit any woodworker
Posted: 5:29 pm on January 8th

Larrythewoodguy Larrythewoodguy writes: Yes please and thanks
Posted: 5:21 pm on January 8th

fossa fossa writes: Looks like a great read. Can't wait.
Posted: 2:47 pm on January 8th

fossa fossa writes: Looks like a great read. Can't wait.
Posted: 2:45 pm on January 8th

makojim makojim writes: My middle name is "Free"
Posted: 1:03 pm on January 8th

TedFurlong TedFurlong writes: Could certainly benefit from Jeff's book, as I have from his FWW articles. Whoever wins this will be lucky indeed!

Posted: 10:42 am on January 8th

dagee68 dagee68 writes: Dude, free I love free!
Posted: 12:11 am on January 8th

jonnyjonjon jonnyjonjon writes: Dude!! How many comments are there for this? My odds of winning are shrinking!
Anyway, Jeff Miller's no Bob Vila but I'd still like to have his book. Maybe I'll finally learn something. :)
Posted: 10:28 pm on January 7th

Blackdart1966 Blackdart1966 writes: Keep up the great work an please neter me in the drawing.
Posted: 10:19 pm on January 7th

21centcarp 21centcarp writes: As an instructor of a woodworking class for a local community collage this would be a great resourse for my students
Posted: 7:44 pm on January 7th

flyfisher681 flyfisher681 writes: Enter my name .
Always looking for more help in my woodworking life!
Posted: 7:16 pm on January 7th

Fernando Fernando writes: This is exactly the kind of books we so desperately need here in Brazil, even if not translated into Portuguese. I'm sure most Brazilian woodworkers would improve their skills.
Posted: 6:48 pm on January 7th

kreativebass kreativebass writes: I wanna win this book!!
Posted: 6:02 pm on January 7th

cmhubbard05 cmhubbard05 writes: Wish I had some kind of snazzy comment, but I just want to win so I can learn foundational stuff from the best!!
Posted: 5:04 pm on January 7th

WOmadeOD WOmadeOD writes: Spoke-shaving Stick-man's groin is a tricky business!
Posted: 3:50 pm on January 7th

bmwz3coupe bmwz3coupe writes: Always good to get back to foundations from time to time to refresh.
Posted: 3:39 pm on January 7th

sweetned sweetned writes: Always enjoy Jeff Miller's FWW articles. I often walk by his shop in Chicago and admire the work through the window.
Posted: 3:33 pm on January 7th

sailor17754 sailor17754 writes: Always good to have reference sources and to then pass along the book and knowledge to the next generation.
Posted: 2:58 pm on January 7th

oceans4me oceans4me writes: These are the best and easiest books to follow! Step by step, Lots of easy illustrations to follow also!!!! Makes woodworking a breeze............Thank You,...........Ricky D.
Posted: 2:44 pm on January 7th

rusty418 rusty418 writes: What a wonderful gift this would make for my Grandson, he loves being in the shop with me and I with him.
Posted: 2:33 pm on January 7th

Mobiustrip Mobiustrip writes: Book, neat, me, pick me!
Posted: 2:16 pm on January 7th

rfleming rfleming writes: Would aid my beginner skills!
Posted: 2:10 pm on January 7th

jazzer jazzer writes: I am always looking to improve my skills and learn something new. This book would be a help with both I'm sure. Thank you.
Posted: 1:35 pm on January 7th

vkw0701 vkw0701 writes: definitely need better fundamentals. Thanks
Posted: 12:14 pm on January 7th

Kahoy Kahoy writes: As a fan of Jeff Miller I would be delighted to own a copy of his book. Thanks!

Posted: 11:37 am on January 7th

Oldtyme Oldtyme writes: Sign me up please
Posted: 11:30 am on January 7th

eburtenshaw eburtenshaw writes: It seems the more I learn about woodworking, the more I go back to the fundamentals. This book would certainly help me in that quest.
Posted: 11:27 am on January 7th

dickmartin dickmartin writes: 'Twould be nice!
Posted: 11:02 am on January 7th

lcwrites lcwrites writes: I looking forward to reading the section on bio-mechanics, after a carrier in the field it's still holds interest now as I take up my new vocations being retired.
Posted: 10:54 am on January 7th

MarcosTadeu MarcosTadeu writes: Fundamentals. That's exactly what I need!
Posted: 9:55 am on January 7th

pizza pizza writes: I would love to win this book.
Posted: 9:23 am on January 7th

biggen008 biggen008 writes: This would be a nice book to add to my library.
Posted: 8:32 am on January 7th

grayham grayham writes: This book wood look great on my book shelve,
Posted: 6:35 am on January 7th

jsand jsand writes: A good Foundation is critical in all aspects of Life and Work.
Posted: 10:46 pm on January 6th

noman01 noman01 writes: congrats to jeff. this would make an excellent addition to my library of books and skills
Posted: 9:43 pm on January 6th

sailorwilliam sailorwilliam writes: I think I would learn a lot from this book. If I'm not the lucky winner I will probably buy it.
Posted: 9:11 pm on January 6th

Kirk Kirk writes: I love the the shape and curves of the wooden form the author is working on in the cover picture. From the description it sounds like this book is a must read! I'm always look for a resource to further develop the fundamentals necessary to achieve great results while working with wood.
Posted: 8:56 pm on January 6th

FarRed FarRed writes: I read chapter 1--great stuff.
Posted: 8:27 pm on January 6th

DennisCAJr DennisCAJr writes: I'm always interested in learning something new.
Posted: 8:18 pm on January 6th

user-2345683 user-2345683 writes: I would find this book very useful.
Posted: 8:08 pm on January 6th

stanski stanski writes: The approach sounds interesting and the cover certainly is. Maybe I can correct some bad habits I've picked up
Posted: 7:07 pm on January 6th

stryker1313 stryker1313 writes: Our local JC doesn't have any woodworking classes to take. Only can do very expensive lessons with local professionals. Sounds like the perfect book for me.
Posted: 6:37 pm on January 6th

Gary_Bird Gary_Bird writes: Sounds interesting would enjoy reading.
Posted: 5:25 pm on January 6th

geraldmc geraldmc writes: jeff miller is a great woodworker Im shure jeff has writen an amazing book. great for any colection
Posted: 4:27 pm on January 6th

herminge herminge writes: You are never too old to learn and readig is one of the best ways to improve. Slow learining stays .....
Posted: 2:50 pm on January 6th

BrianG BrianG writes: Would love to have this book to read.
Posted: 2:27 pm on January 6th

thorno96 thorno96 writes: Everything I've learned about woodworking has been either hands on or by reading books. I have quite an extensive woodworking library and I would love to add this book to my collection, after of course I have drained all the information out it by reading it a time or two.
Posted: 2:20 pm on January 6th

mardav111 mardav111 writes: I can`t really comment on this book as I have yet to read it.
Posted: 2:03 pm on January 6th

Cbraunheim Cbraunheim writes: Ahh - a book every woodworker's library should contain. This would be a welcome addition to mine!
Posted: 2:02 pm on January 6th

ken_in_kanata ken_in_kanata writes: As with all FWW books I'm sure there is lots of great info in it. I'm looking forward to cracking it open and reading it cover to cover.
Posted: 1:47 pm on January 6th

Chucklit Chucklit writes: A person can never learn too much about the foundations of their craft. This looks like a good book to learn from.
Posted: 1:13 pm on January 6th

Greg1inCA Greg1inCA writes: Sign me up!!!
Posted: 12:56 pm on January 6th

tabortom tabortom writes: Looks like a good book and you can'nt get enough good books to learne from.
Posted: 11:58 am on January 6th

AndySpooner AndySpooner writes: This sounds like an excellent resource which would enhance any woodworkers skills. It's a great shame that there is one one book and therefore only one winner.
Posted: 11:39 am on January 6th

bruwno bruwno writes: I would love to win this book,
I want to read this book,
I need to read this book
thank you for the opportunity.
Posted: 11:01 am on January 6th

netartsdave netartsdave writes: And just who wouldn't like to have a book by Jeff Miller to add to their woodworking collection? And one that covers the basis of woodworking, creating and even better foundation. Yes, I would love to have this.
Posted: 10:27 am on January 6th

JimPetillo JimPetillo writes: This would be a great read for a beginner like me.
Posted: 10:02 am on January 6th

smokeaterc smokeaterc writes: Sounds like an excellent book !
Posted: 7:56 am on January 6th

MACAUS MACAUS writes: Having no formal training in the craft of woodworking I am always trying to improve and Identify ways of correcting processes that are not quite right. I figure at 55 the are still many things I could be doing wrong. Sure sounds like a great way to cool off on a hot 40c day.
Posted: 5:20 am on January 6th

WebShepherd WebShepherd writes: What better time to spend reading a good woodworking book than in the deep snows of winter. I look forward to reading Jeff's book.
Posted: 3:45 am on January 6th

Plumber Plumber writes: I need a better foundation in woodworking.
Posted: 3:15 am on January 6th

AndreRehn AndreRehn writes: I am a beginner. It would be helpful.
Posted: 2:04 am on January 6th

WhiteTiger1950 WhiteTiger1950 writes: I need to get my workshop up and running as quick as possible (not getting any younger at 62). Having a book by a renowned expert would go a long way to help me achieving this goal.
Posted: 1:43 am on January 6th

JeffS JeffS writes: I love reading Jeff's articles and am looking forward to getting and reading this book.
Posted: 1:29 am on January 6th

maintmech maintmech writes: Sounds very helpful.
Posted: 12:45 am on January 6th

jSwann jSwann writes: More project opportunities to build with my 10 year old? Bring it on!!!
Posted: 12:41 am on January 6th

Mukidi Mukidi writes: Jeff Miller has published great material on chair making, so I look forward to reading his new book.
Posted: 12:31 am on January 6th

don_tw don_tw writes: This souds like an awesome book. Exactly the kind of book I particularly enjoy - full of techniques and basic information you can incorporate into all you do.
Posted: 12:19 am on January 6th

hawlee hawlee writes: My woodworking totally lacks foundations.
Posted: 11:43 pm on January 5th

yakamukee yakamukee writes: as an accomplished wood butcher, I will be happy to proofread the section on mistakes.
Posted: 11:28 pm on January 5th

lima16 lima16 writes: Looking forward to reading this one, especially Ch 3 to see if your list is complete as I have exceptional experience in the mistake business
Posted: 11:14 pm on January 5th

Ricks183 Ricks183 writes: Ricks183
Looks like it would be a interesting book to read. You can never get enough skills when woodworking.
Posted: 11:11 pm on January 5th

r3russ r3russ writes: Sounds like a great book as I am trying to get back to basics and use mainly hand tools for my current project!
Posted: 10:43 pm on January 5th

retireejd retireejd writes: I would like to win this one!
Posted: 10:39 pm on January 5th

woodchunker woodchunker writes: This book looks like a good candidate for Late Winter reading...
Posted: 10:22 pm on January 5th

Circuit Rider Circuit Rider writes: I am looking forward to reading this book. It looks great.
Posted: 10:13 pm on January 5th

leakcheck leakcheck writes: Just what the doctor ordered!
Posted: 10:06 pm on January 5th

feanorgem feanorgem writes: Whoo hooo, good luck to all.
Posted: 10:00 pm on January 5th

antipyper antipyper writes: Sounds like a great book any woodworker would truly appreciate, especially a novice like myself.
Thanks for the chance.
Posted: 9:35 pm on January 5th

cbeckham cbeckham writes: Always interested in learning more. Thanks for the chance.
Posted: 9:23 pm on January 5th

Quartz Quartz writes: Wood be a pleasure and an honor.
Posted: 9:18 pm on January 5th

CanadianNorth CanadianNorth writes: What a way to expand my skill set with this book giveaway...I could use this immediately with what I am currently working on (dining room table set). Tks for the chance to move forward with this new book if I win.
Posted: 9:13 pm on January 5th

carpentarius carpentarius writes: Sign me up. Looks great!
Posted: 9:13 pm on January 5th

RyanRockey RyanRockey writes: Sounds like a good book.
Posted: 9:05 pm on January 5th

Jasper_50 Jasper_50 writes: Here is another value packed book I would like a chance to win. Enter me please for a chance to win it. - Bill
Posted: 9:01 pm on January 5th

MikeJD MikeJD writes: Count me in.
Posted: 8:55 pm on January 5th

Ardley Dunbye Ardley Dunbye writes: How do so many really good woodworkers get the time to write book???
Posted: 8:54 pm on January 5th

Ardley Dunbye Ardley Dunbye writes: How do so many really good woodworkers get the time to write book???
Posted: 8:54 pm on January 5th

SBMathias SBMathias writes: Looks like a book I could benefit from. Please count me in.
Posted: 8:43 pm on January 5th

DWats DWats writes: Looks like a very interesting read. Looking forward to winning and reading it.

Posted: 8:22 pm on January 5th

patvan patvan writes: I consider myself to be like one of Miller's woodworking students who don't don't have a good enough grasp of woodworking fundamentals.
Posted: 8:11 pm on January 5th

Wixom Wixom writes: I could use a book on the fundamentals since I could use some work on them. Count me in, please.
Posted: 8:09 pm on January 5th

Hudson3214 Hudson3214 writes: The chapter that really intrigues me is the chapter on experience and learning from mistakes. Woodworking is a learned craft and I appreciate experts sharing their expertise!
Posted: 8:05 pm on January 5th

Blayne_Overman Blayne_Overman writes: Sounds like another great book!! Would love to win it!!!
Posted: 7:10 pm on January 5th

4finger 4finger writes: I loved Jeff's book "Chair Making and Design". It is my bible and read and re-read from cover to cover. His explanations and style make a difficult topic straight-forward. If he can do that for chair I have no doubt he could work wonders for my limited skills.
Posted: 6:15 pm on January 5th

user-226608 user-226608 writes: Thank you for bringing this opportunity for a great book giveaway! I've got four furniture projects on the list for this year and this book would be a perfect start!
Posted: 6:12 pm on January 5th

WouldBe WouldBe writes: I would love to correct my OJT DIY supposed knowledge base. I have a couple of books to help me and would gladly learn from and review this one.
Posted: 5:56 pm on January 5th

Darrin_G Darrin_G writes: Enjoyed reading about Jeff's workbench. Have picked out the lumber and started to glue up he legs.
Posted: 5:47 pm on January 5th

ggbtwo ggbtwo writes: would love to win the book,
Posted: 5:43 pm on January 5th

shopfan shopfan writes: Learning never stops in woodworking or any other pursuit. Any possibility of expanding our knowledge or skills is a wonderful opportunity. Books like this are beyond useful, and, indeed, are essential.

Posted: 5:41 pm on January 5th

dragonslayerone dragonslayerone writes: Anything I can read which helps me become a better woodworker is always welcome!
Posted: 5:03 pm on January 5th

KarmaIan KarmaIan writes: As a retired osteopath and a woodworker I am very interested in how we can use our bodies efficiently.
Posted: 4:58 pm on January 5th

Jtownsennh Jtownsennh writes: Looks like a great resource to improve my woodworking.
Posted: 4:58 pm on January 5th

adcox adcox writes: An excellent book to get back the the basics
Posted: 4:50 pm on January 5th

united united writes: No matter how long you have been working with wood, and no matter what you have made from houses to Queen Anne Highboys, it is never too late to gain more knowledge. This would be a good place to learn.
Posted: 4:40 pm on January 5th

RCMiles RCMiles writes: No better opportunity to learn from a master.
Posted: 4:35 pm on January 5th

jonquinn jonquinn writes: I must be due to win
Posted: 4:26 pm on January 5th

user-4297722 user-4297722 writes: Never had any formal training. Maybe this book would help.
Posted: 4:25 pm on January 5th

jeffgrut jeffgrut writes: Enlighten me, good sir.
Posted: 3:34 pm on January 5th

aaijr aaijr writes: "UsingYour Body" and "Learning to See" in Part 1 of this book are fundamentals that we probably do not encounter in most classes and books. That is a welcome addition.
Posted: 3:29 pm on January 5th

realmonie realmonie writes: I know I could learn a lot from this book!
Posted: 3:23 pm on January 5th

James R James R writes: Builder, remodeler, finish carpenter, amateur wood worker. I would love to add this book to my library, but I promise to read it first. James
Posted: 3:19 pm on January 5th

JTasoff JTasoff writes: Could not ask for anything more.
Posted: 3:17 pm on January 5th

DJC_FWW DJC_FWW writes: It looks like a great resource; just finding the time to read/use it is my challenge!
Posted: 3:16 pm on January 5th

hukcats1 hukcats1 writes: Would love to have it!
Posted: 3:10 pm on January 5th

wolflahti wolflahti writes: There are only three reviews of this book on Amazon, but they give it five stars across the board.
Posted: 3:09 pm on January 5th

carpenterfred carpenterfred writes: Thanks for the new book.
Posted: 3:00 pm on January 5th

gmcromp gmcromp writes: It would be a great book, i might actually learn how to do what I am doing.
Posted: 2:53 pm on January 5th

bruno2you bruno2you writes: Sounds like a great book. I can always use help with my fundamentals.
Posted: 2:49 pm on January 5th

woodandiron woodandiron writes: this sounds like a book I need.
Posted: 2:47 pm on January 5th

oops47 oops47 writes: Be great to win Jeff's book.
Posted: 2:26 pm on January 5th

buoyd buoyd writes: If this one is as informative as his other books, then we're in for a treat. I'd love to have a copy of the new book by the "Jig Master."
Posted: 2:11 pm on January 5th

RagingTurtle RagingTurtle writes: Count me in!
Posted: 2:11 pm on January 5th

Girk Girk writes: Great reviews on Amazon. Would love to have it.
Posted: 2:01 pm on January 5th

operez operez writes: Just what I needed!
Posted: 1:50 pm on January 5th

Paul_DR Paul_DR writes: Sounds great I'd like to have one for further learning.
Posted: 1:35 pm on January 5th

LonnieG LonnieG writes: I would love to have this book, as a new wood worker I can use lots of help.
Posted: 1:25 pm on January 5th

Colcestrian Colcestrian writes: Time I paid more attention to my stance at the bench. A friend of mine is lucky enough to be on a course with Jeff Miller. This would be the next best thing, and if I don't win, I'll buy a copy.
Posted: 1:24 pm on January 5th

me111 me111 writes: Looks like a good book.
Posted: 1:22 pm on January 5th

Dadzor Dadzor writes: I would love to win this book, because I am sure it would help take my woodworking to a higher level.
Posted: 1:02 pm on January 5th

Paige Paige writes: This is a book I can use!
Posted: 12:52 pm on January 5th

grin grin writes: I love this book. Would be fun to win it.
Posted: 12:49 pm on January 5th

jansa5155 jansa5155 writes: I have always loved refinishing antique and/or old furniture pieces; seeing the final restoration is it's own reward.
Posted: 12:45 pm on January 5th

cb51 cb51 writes: Looks like another great title from Taunton press. Thanks.
Posted: 12:38 pm on January 5th

hgf1 hgf1 writes: I can learn from this.
Posted: 12:21 pm on January 5th

WoodChuckWW WoodChuckWW writes: That's what I love about woodworking, the fact that you are always learning. I'd be thrilled to place this among my other woodworking books if I were to win.
Posted: 12:20 pm on January 5th

dundurnspiper dundurnspiper writes: It is always nice to see books that you advertise, if it isn't up to the FINE WOODWORKING level of work it will not ever be here!!
Posted: 12:11 pm on January 5th

casaheil casaheil writes: This looks like a great book. I could always learn something valuable from a good "fundamentals" book.
Posted: 11:57 am on January 5th

pabull pabull writes: This would be a great book to have in my collection. If I don't win it I might have to buy it.
Posted: 11:56 am on January 5th

mickeyj2 mickeyj2 writes: Would also love to win this book. Every publication I own from Taunton press is supberb.
Posted: 11:56 am on January 5th

redcrane redcrane writes: Would love to win this book!
Posted: 11:48 am on January 5th

dunc58 dunc58 writes: Looks like a great book that I would love to win.
Posted: 11:47 am on January 5th

D11RDozer D11RDozer writes: Jeff Miller is definitely a woodworker whose brain I'd like to tap into.
Posted: 11:42 am on January 5th

Nadege Nadege writes: Seems to be a very interesting book, hope I'll win it !
Posted: 11:41 am on January 5th

Troglo10 Troglo10 writes: J'apprécierais grandement obtenir ce livre. I can never stop learning about woodworking and woodturning.
Posted: 11:36 am on January 5th

TimR TimR writes: In.
Posted: 11:36 am on January 5th

Murray54 Murray54 writes: looks like another great book from Jeff Miller
Posted: 11:32 am on January 5th

mru1217 mru1217 writes: My passion is woodworking. But with more time to read and less time to work (3 kids under the age of 10)......I can't wait to read this book. Whether I win it or buy it I will own this book. I like to read about diferent techniques to achive a beautiful projects.
Posted: 11:31 am on January 5th

FarmerFunk FarmerFunk writes: I was just thumbing through this book the other day at the bookstore. It looks great and now you are offering it as a give a way. I've got my fingers crossed.
Posted: 11:29 am on January 5th

pcbg01207 pcbg01207 writes: If this book is anything as good as his other books I would love to be able to say I have a copy.
Posted: 11:26 am on January 5th

santoku santoku writes: Love to establish a good foundation.
Posted: 11:24 am on January 5th

thunderdrake thunderdrake writes: I've followed Jeff for some time now and would love to read this
book from him.
Posted: 11:24 am on January 5th

Nance911 Nance911 writes: Looks like a great book to read and learn from.
I'd love to win and use!
Posted: 11:23 am on January 5th

efg9876 efg9876 writes: Saw this at the Woodworking in the Midewst Show in Cincinnati but forgot to go back to the table to get it. Would love a chance to win it!
Posted: 11:18 am on January 5th

stengberg stengberg writes: Nice book. I would love to win it!
Posted: 11:08 am on January 5th

MrEdCa831 MrEdCa831 writes: Sounds like a wonderful book; the previews (on Amazon) show a well written book. Send it to me ASAP!
Posted: 11:05 am on January 5th

EE EE writes: Count me in, I love to win!
Posted: 10:57 am on January 5th

Ikesson Ikesson writes: I'm not kwerkusalba even tho that name comes up every time I enter a contest on this website. I'm and I'd love to win this book. Thanks
Posted: 10:54 am on January 5th

Wcalta Wcalta writes: I know how to enter a contest but I don't always know how to complete a project without a good woodworking book. This I could use.
Posted: 10:47 am on January 5th

berni41 berni41 writes: Great publication and I have been a long time subscriber
Posted: 10:45 am on January 5th

CraigAinKC CraigAinKC writes: I welcome any opportunity to learn and improve my woodworking skills.
Posted: 10:43 am on January 5th

jda13 jda13 writes: sounds like a great book to get the cob webs cleaned out after 30 years away from woodworking
Posted: 10:43 am on January 5th

konaman konaman writes: looks like a good read

Posted: 10:41 am on January 5th

the_wild_lucy the_wild_lucy writes: Fine Woodworking is great magazine!
Posted: 10:35 am on January 5th

jdorris jdorris writes: Seeing as I could write the book titled "Foundations on Worse Woodworking" this is something I could use.
Posted: 10:35 am on January 5th

BBurk BBurk writes: While I learn by doing, its always helpful to learn from those who not only has done it themselves, but can teach and write clearly to help others like me better my craft.
Posted: 10:31 am on January 5th

JohnsShop JohnsShop writes: Still sanding off the edges of my work. I am sure this could help
Posted: 10:25 am on January 5th

proctech2000 proctech2000 writes: I sure hope to get this book. I am always in need of more knowledge.
Posted: 10:24 am on January 5th

anonmt anonmt writes: please?
Posted: 10:24 am on January 5th

mledwardson mledwardson writes: I look forward to it!
Posted: 10:23 am on January 5th

Woodworker3301 Woodworker3301 writes: I would love to get a copy of this book. I can never stop learning about woodworking.
Posted: 10:18 am on January 5th

Mike68847 Mike68847 writes: Looks like a great book!
Posted: 10:17 am on January 5th

ronaldg685 ronaldg685 writes: I can use all the help I can get, I can't wait to learn more!
Posted: 10:17 am on January 5th

danorine danorine writes: From the description, it sounds as though Jeff centers his approach on the human being rather than the tools. I suspect i may just end up buying this book....
Posted: 10:17 am on January 5th

joetrexler joetrexler writes: I took Jeff's Slat Back Chair class at MASW last September. Jeff talked about the release of this book at that time. He's a great instructor and we had a great time learning from him. Can't wait to see what he's written.
Posted: 10:15 am on January 5th

2826 2826 writes: Looks like just what I need to get me to the next level in my woodworking.
Posted: 10:15 am on January 5th

shopkingdom shopkingdom writes: No matter how much I think I know, there's always room for more knowledge. I love my hobby!

Posted: 10:14 am on January 5th

erik_carroll erik_carroll writes: My wife is getting annoyed with the time I spend on this site and checking out the tips I get in my email, but at least my work is improving as a result! I'm thankful for the wealth of information contained in this site.
Posted: 10:14 am on January 5th

AllenB22 AllenB22 writes: Looks good.
Posted: 10:13 am on January 5th

Nicholasrhall Nicholasrhall writes: I've been a big Jeff Miller fan ever since I read his article about his benchtop bench with a moxon vise. I'd love to win the book.
Posted: 10:09 am on January 5th

bruce277 bruce277 writes: I've been a woodworker for almost 40 years and this is one of those times when I can say "I really feel I can learn things from a book." Not to say that there were other books that helped me along the path of destroying too much wood, as we are never too old too old to learn.
For what its worth, I've been a subscriber to FWW since the third or so issue, and most of the things I know came from reading your magazine.

Many thanks, I hope I win.

Bruce Cohen
Posted: 10:09 am on January 5th

Stumblewood Stumblewood writes: Looks like just the book to get me going in the right direction in improving my woodworking. Thanks for the offering.
Posted: 10:09 am on January 5th

james04 james04 writes: I'm in.
Posted: 10:07 am on January 5th

jbschutz jbschutz writes: I would love to have this in my shop library!
Posted: 10:07 am on January 5th

jbschutz jbschutz writes: I would love to have this in my shop library!
Posted: 10:07 am on January 5th

GSMD GSMD writes: I've taken several classes with Jeff and he is a great teacher. I'm looking forward to reading his latest offering.
Posted: 10:06 am on January 5th

DLWoodworker DLWoodworker writes: Sounds like a great book to read. I would like the chance to just do that!
Posted: 9:53 am on January 5th

jareed jareed writes: Nothing better on a cold January night in Wisconsin then to sit down with a new woodworking book...well almost nothing better...
Posted: 9:48 am on January 5th

hesmichael hesmichael writes: This book would help me teach my boys woodworking as well as myself. Thanks for making it available in the contest.
Posted: 9:48 am on January 5th

kerngm kerngm writes: You've got my attention. Would love a new book to add to my overstuffed shelves.
Posted: 9:48 am on January 5th

rexthedog rexthedog writes: I started with classes at the Community College & they were really good but I wished I had read more about the basics. Mine was mostly hands on without any real understanding of the foundations.
Posted: 9:44 am on January 5th

101Pathfinder 101Pathfinder writes: If I could start all over again, I would hope to be an Apprentice with a Master Craftsman teaching, showing the way. I'm always searching for that type of book that gets me started in the right direction and wtihout my blundering errors. Thank you for sharing through 'The Foundations of Better Woodworking' .
Posted: 9:38 am on January 5th

lbb4506 lbb4506 writes: I have only just taken up the wood craft just a few years ago and I'm a student at Palomar College for wood working. This book would help me to inprove my skills as learn this craft. Some times the littlest thing cane make a major inprovement on someones skills. I hope to get this book.
Posted: 9:38 am on January 5th

Houghton123 Houghton123 writes: So many beginner's books cover the same territory - a list of tools, basic layout, etc. This one has some interesting, but important, new approaches. Put me on the list to win it. No, better yet, pick my name!
Posted: 9:32 am on January 5th

jcwnr jcwnr writes: Count me in too.
Posted: 9:29 am on January 5th

TheFalcon6666 TheFalcon6666 writes: Would love to win this book - my current selection is way too small!
Posted: 9:25 am on January 5th

HandleyPageMonoplane HandleyPageMonoplane writes: What a wonderful opportunity. Thanks for letting us enter.

Posted: 9:22 am on January 5th

wood96 wood96 writes: We can always benefit from reinforcing good technique. Work habits that develop with time can frequently be improved if looked at with fresh point of view.
Posted: 9:13 am on January 5th

rdcook rdcook writes: Looks like a great book I would like to win. Thanks for the opportunity!

Posted: 9:12 am on January 5th

frankp63 frankp63 writes: Jeff's book, "Chairmaking and Design" taught me more about attention to craft and detail than most general woodworking books I've read (and I don't even make chairs!).

I'd be very interesting to read anything he puts his pen to.
Posted: 9:11 am on January 5th

mosley1013 mosley1013 writes: Would love to have some more reference and reading material
Posted: 9:10 am on January 5th

sphinx242 sphinx242 writes: This sounds like a great book for both the novice and those who have been working wood for some time but may have developed some less than optimum habits over the years.
Posted: 9:10 am on January 5th

MountainGeezer MountainGeezer writes: Just spent Christmas Eve afternoon frantically finishing up a set of kids' craft tables & chairs for a neighbor's twin granddaughters. I realized about halfway through that project that I was in serious need of a refresher course in the basics in order to introduce the concept of efficiency into the process. I have all Krenov's books & a priceless autographed copy of 'Sam Maloof - Woodworker', so the inspirational stuff is in place. This looks to be a perfect balance on my bookshelf, (but undoubtedly would spend more time in the actual shop.)
Posted: 9:06 am on January 5th

realdeals realdeals writes: Nothing has spurred my interest in woodworking more than Fine Woodworking magazine and Taunton Press publishers. A chance to win this book would be outstanding!
Posted: 9:02 am on January 5th

Dan01 Dan01 writes: I'd love to add this book to my library.
Posted: 9:02 am on January 5th

Jamul Jamul writes: Looks great. Just what I need, I have enough trouble with straight sided projects.
Posted: 9:01 am on January 5th

GBrookman GBrookman writes: I took a class with Jeff and have his Beds book, would love to read more of his wisdom
Posted: 8:59 am on January 5th

chief191 chief191 writes: I am always looking for techniques to improve my woodworking skills.
Posted: 8:51 am on January 5th

Moontoad Moontoad writes: I'm pretty selective on the woodworking books I purchase. This one has been on my "to buy" list since I first heard about it.
Posted: 8:50 am on January 5th

HartlandVT1781 HartlandVT1781 writes: This sounds like the type of guidance one would expect from a good mentor. I look forward to reading this and gaining some knowledge to improved skills.
Posted: 8:45 am on January 5th

iamgo iamgo writes: I enjoyed watching his video project bookcase and book beds. I bet this is another fine book that would shine in my workshop.
Posted: 8:45 am on January 5th

delonckerdesigns delonckerdesigns writes: Jeff's chairs are amazing. I have seen them in person. I'd love to build one!
Posted: 8:44 am on January 5th

dave 07 dave 07 writes: As a novice woodworker I'm always interested in help.
Posted: 8:29 am on January 5th

Ralph Kolva Ralph Kolva writes: Love Taunton books and magazines, like to see "Home Furniture" back. Jeff Miller's book looks like a great companion to Rogowski's joinery book for our intro students at Red Rocks Community College's Fine Wood Working programs, would love to add this book to our program's library.
Posted: 8:29 am on January 5th

jimvanlan99 jimvanlan99 writes: This sounds like just the book a relatively new woodworker like me could use to improve my skills. It sounds like an excellent read.

Posted: 8:23 am on January 5th

BUILDERS695 BUILDERS695 writes: Sounds like a great book
Posted: 8:17 am on January 5th

pauldonis pauldonis writes: There's certainly always room for improving one's skills and techniques. This book looks like it would be a good addition to a woodworker's library to do just that.
Posted: 8:01 am on January 5th

egudeth egudeth writes: This will look great with my colllection of Tauton woodworking books I have now.
Posted: 7:55 am on January 5th

LCsquared LCsquared writes: As a new woodworker I enjoy reading and learning from the pros and Taunton books never disappoints. This newest book would be a very welcomed addition to help inspire and raise my skill level.
Posted: 7:55 am on January 5th

gjoverto gjoverto writes: My 9 year old son has gotten interested in woodworking and it's nudging me back into it myself after many years spent doing remodelling and landscaping. This book looks like a great resource for updating my woodworkers library and skillset.
Posted: 7:50 am on January 5th

robinmozuknowusa robinmozuknowusa writes: Taunton Books are always a great source of inspiration and make good reading with sound advice on how to improve ones work ability no matter what your skill level is. They never go out of fashion.

Posted: 7:44 am on January 5th

Maddhatter13 Maddhatter13 writes: Yes, please, agree with all, this is a great opportunity,
Posted: 7:44 am on January 5th

Jacksawdust Jacksawdust writes: It's always interesting to learn from really talented woodworkers
Posted: 7:43 am on January 5th

jimbutterfield jimbutterfield writes: What a nice opportunity -- thanks for offering us the chance to win a great book.
Posted: 7:35 am on January 5th

GeoffW89 GeoffW89 writes: This looks like a great book. Something that I'm sure will end up on my reading list regardless of the competition result. Thanks for sharing the details and the opportunity to enter.
Posted: 7:32 am on January 5th

Paul_NQ Paul_NQ writes: To improve my woodworking!!

And to do it with comfort and knowledge that Iam on the right track!
Posted: 7:31 am on January 5th

Moonlight_Workshop Moonlight_Workshop writes: This look liks a great book to improve my woodworking skills.
Posted: 7:25 am on January 5th

Moonlight_Workshop Moonlight_Workshop writes: This look liks a great book to improve my woodworking skills.
Posted: 7:25 am on January 5th

jjciesla jjciesla writes: This book should be a part of every woodworker library.
Posted: 7:24 am on January 5th

bill_tily bill_tily writes: "Using Your Body" chapter sounds interesting.
Posted: 7:14 am on January 5th

rland rland writes: This looks a great book, I am always looking for ways to improve my skills.
Posted: 7:09 am on January 5th

K9Fendy K9Fendy writes: Hope I win
Posted: 7:06 am on January 5th

damitch damitch writes: Sounds very interesting. I'm intrigued with the the parts about your stance and how it makes it easier to work correctly. Also the parts concerning getting a sense of where you are going (always been the hard part for me). I could use tips on mistakes, but couldn't we all.
Posted: 6:36 am on January 5th

mdcraver mdcraver writes: Looks like a good read, and reference.
Posted: 6:20 am on January 5th

dlrooky dlrooky writes: It's always the fundamentals and details that distinguish the casual (fill in the occupation or activity here) from the expert. A book like this would be invaluable.
Posted: 5:22 am on January 5th

pianola pianola writes: This book would help me explain to my grandchildren the finer details to fine woodworking and refresh my memories.
Ian from Oz.
Posted: 5:01 am on January 5th

TheYoungTurner TheYoungTurner writes: I would love a copy for my collection.
Posted: 4:52 am on January 5th

carkon carkon writes: If there is a better way to do something I do, I want to know what it is. As a self taught woodworker, I'm always interested in how the other fellow does things. This book would be a nice addition to my reference library. Chuck

Posted: 4:50 am on January 5th

newoldguy newoldguy writes: I'm not a very good woodworker because I just retired from industry. I would like it if it would help.
Posted: 4:46 am on January 5th

tpesek tpesek writes: I am always interested in new woodworking publications that can extend my knowledge. One never stops learning.
Posted: 4:30 am on January 5th

Cobiesson Cobiesson writes: One should regularly review the basics
Posted: 4:13 am on January 5th

opie123 opie123 writes: The fundamentals taught by one of the greatest master woodworkers of our time? Sign me up!
Posted: 4:06 am on January 5th

jverreault jverreault writes: That would be an excellent addition to my library and a great expansion of the material I already own from Jeff Miller. I can always use more training and I like Jeff's style. Here's to hoping for a win.
Posted: 4:05 am on January 5th

tascohld tascohld writes: I am trying to teach my son the fundementals of woodworking. What better book to give him !!!
Posted: 4:03 am on January 5th

mctoons_nm mctoons_nm writes: Looks like a great book. I guess if I don't win it I'll be saving up to buy it. Thanks.
Posted: 4:03 am on January 5th

HerbNZ HerbNZ writes: Always looking for inspiration from experts, it looks like a great book
Posted: 3:58 am on January 5th

pjpryor pjpryor writes: Thanks for the opportunity I downloaded a free chapter and it is good stuff.
Posted: 9:56 pm on January 4th

hiker1rob hiker1rob writes: Would love to learn how to improve my skills.
Posted: 9:12 pm on January 4th

fm1 fm1 writes: I could really use this as a newbie
Posted: 1:36 pm on January 4th

DonAtlGa DonAtlGa writes: Haven't won anything since that free trip to Okinawa in 1972. ;-)
I have to be due! (or perhaps it will be the Mega Millions next week?) Put my name in the hat!
Posted: 10:12 pm on January 3rd

C_Russell C_Russell writes: I would love to own this book!
Posted: 3:58 pm on January 3rd

TNakr TNakr writes: This looks like a very interesting book that provides a valuable foundation for the craft. I would love to have a copy of it.
Posted: 1:32 pm on January 3rd

drllucas drllucas writes: Jeff Miller always has worthwhile info. I would definitely read this.
Posted: 8:37 pm on January 2nd

Dean7 Dean7 writes: This book would be great for my current position in learning woodworking. A wonderful book to own.
Posted: 3:23 pm on January 2nd

GeoL GeoL writes: This will be an outstanding book to own. His previous books on bedsanchairs were great!
Posted: 2:53 pm on January 2nd

JLYoung JLYoung writes: I'd love to have this book.
Posted: 2:50 pm on January 2nd

JayPounds JayPounds writes: As a beginner I'm always on the lookout for anything that can improve my skill set. Would love to win a copy of this book.
Posted: 2:47 pm on January 2nd

user-2362322 user-2362322 writes: I am just starting out and would love to have a chance to get started off on the right path and help.
Posted: 10:53 am on January 2nd

DavidSchoen DavidSchoen writes: Too bad this isn't a need based award! One look at my work would establish that I am indeed a student "lacking fundamental woodworking knowledge and skills".
Posted: 8:35 am on January 2nd

MKWerman MKWerman writes: I would love to have the book. I need all the help I can get!
Posted: 10:54 pm on January 1st

avocado101 avocado101 writes: Im dying to make Jeff's signature curved table and I need all the help I can get!
Posted: 6:54 pm on January 1st

sadie170 sadie170 writes: Looks like a good book to sleep on
Posted: 6:23 pm on January 1st

calvin calvin writes: Jeff,
If half the people that want to win it, buy it.............
You should have a good headstart on a successful project.
Best of luck.
Posted: 5:41 pm on January 1st

Eris Eris writes: I saw the preview chapter and it looks Like a great book.
Posted: 4:32 pm on January 1st

dave451 dave451 writes: I have read a lot of Jeff's articles in FWW and like them very much. Does it help that I live in Chicago too.
Posted: 3:03 pm on January 1st

Turtles_Cabinets Turtles_Cabinets writes: I would love this book.
Posted: 1:27 pm on January 1st

jheller jheller writes: i would like to review this book, thank you.
Posted: 1:17 pm on January 1st

cahudson42 cahudson42 writes: Another hat in the ring!
Posted: 12:22 pm on January 1st

Noah74 Noah74 writes: That's my New Year's resolution, to become a better woodworker. Sign me up.
Posted: 10:22 am on January 1st

308defense 308defense writes: I could always use any help to make me a better woodworker. I wold like in 2013 to build more complicated projects.
Posted: 9:16 am on January 1st

MgRasmussen MgRasmussen writes: Always looking to improve my skills.
Posted: 5:22 am on January 1st

NedBG NedBG writes: Online resources are invaluable but sometimes having a 'hard copy' cant be beaten! The only ww book I currently own has helped me immeasurably - imagine what two would be like...
Posted: 12:13 am on January 1st

mbdonnelly mbdonnelly writes: I already like the book just from the first part of the description. Body position and movement are so critical to the practical application of any art. Optimization of movement comes from starting with the proper body position and using fluid movement. Look forward to the book.
Posted: 7:57 pm on December 31st

NYFLwoodbutcher NYFLwoodbutcher writes: I am a retired teacher and coach of thirty two years. Fundamentals have always been a part of my teaching and coaching. They are the one thing you definitely need for success.
I have also been a wood worker and carpenter for over thirty years and fundamentals are overly important in this field. Although I am 68 years young I still search for new knowledge everyday in my woodworking. I am positive the book, 'The Foundations of Better Woodworking' could not only enhance the woodworking knowledge I do have, but would make me a better woodworker.
Posted: 5:45 pm on December 31st

MS_Jay MS_Jay writes: I'd love to have the book.
Posted: 4:48 pm on December 31st

falke falke writes: Will... haben...

(that's German and would translate to sth. like "I desperatly want to have this great book" :) )
Posted: 3:59 pm on December 31st

almartin almartin writes: Sounds like an outstanding book.
Posted: 2:15 pm on December 31st

WaltSt WaltSt writes: I've been woodworking for about years and could always use some help to learn better techniques.
Posted: 12:44 pm on December 31st

Peter1952 Peter1952 writes: Most of my woodworking knowledge, such as it is, has come from reading woodworking magazines and a whole lot of trial and error! It would be nice to have this book to learn some better methods!
Posted: 12:27 pm on December 31st

LBF LBF writes: Looks Great!!
Posted: 9:58 am on December 31st

drllucas drllucas writes: The books looks interesting. I would be glad to read it.
Posted: 12:44 am on December 31st

KFlemming KFlemming writes: I could definitely use better basics...
Posted: 11:39 pm on December 30th

sherlock04 sherlock04 writes: Thanks for the opportunity. Count me in.
Posted: 10:23 pm on December 30th

RoBanJo RoBanJo writes: This was my Christmas present to my eldest, and my namesake, who has the woodworking bug too. He said it looked to be a great resource. Sigh. It's on my short list of ww books...
Posted: 9:14 pm on December 30th

mikehues mikehues writes: These days, even with seemingly unlimited woodworking information available online, it's hard to beat sitting back with a good book in your hand.
Posted: 7:29 pm on December 30th

jeffreyi jeffreyi writes: Yes, please, thx for opportunity
Posted: 6:56 pm on December 30th

LexBoegen LexBoegen writes: Sure, I'll take a shot at the moon with a slingshot--count me in.
Posted: 6:37 pm on December 30th

PlaneJoe PlaneJoe writes: Yeah I'd love to win Jeff's book!
Posted: 6:30 pm on December 30th

andpeo23 andpeo23 writes: Looks like a great book, thanks for the contest!
Posted: 3:28 pm on December 30th

Jamul Jamul writes: Looks like a winner!! Count me in.
Posted: 3:18 pm on December 30th

Wixom Wixom writes: I can always use another book on woodworking to improve my skills. Count me in.
Posted: 3:11 pm on December 30th

spratz spratz writes: Ooo, I'd love to read about making mistakes in Ch. 3! I'm pretty good at that, but there's always room for improvement.
Posted: 2:08 pm on December 30th

maple_geek maple_geek writes: I would love to get a copy of this book. I can never stop learning about woodworking.
Posted: 2:01 pm on December 30th

ScoFF ScoFF writes: My skills come from YouTube and the FWW online service. I'd like to have this in my library to learn the fundamentals.
Posted: 1:08 pm on December 30th

GlenRoseBud GlenRoseBud writes: Sounds like an excellent read. I would love to use this book as a "back to the fundamentals" reference.
Posted: 1:05 pm on December 30th

erneilson erneilson writes: My one and only woodworking class was a semester in the 7th grade and half of that was learning the rudiments of drafting. So most of my woodworking "skills" are self-taught or acquired by learning from my mistakes. I would enjoy learning more about the basics.
Posted: 12:50 pm on December 30th

Gusaamot Gusaamot writes: I welcome any chance I can to read about someone else's experience with woodworking if I can win a book to read so much the better I enjoy the act of working with wood.
Posted: 12:21 pm on December 30th

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