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Troutrx Troutrx, member
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I was asked by a close friend to build him a casket.  He was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer and had 2-6 months to live.  I was honored to build it.  As a woodworker, it was a very enjoyable project, as a close friend is was very difficult.  He wanted a "pine box".  He got a casket that was made with birch, walnut, maple, redwood, and poplar.  It turned out wonderful.  He lived only 6 weeks.  I finished in time for him to see it.  He really liked it.  I really enjoyed making it and love the final outcome.  I plan on making a few more just in case someone wants to have one.  It took me about 3 weeks to make.  I finished it with mineral oil and a final coat of mineral oil/bees wax mixture.  

Design or Plan used: My own design

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Comments (15)

MelissaFShields MelissaFShields writes: I am inspired.
Posted: 6:59 am on May 6th

donahuedavid donahuedavid writes: Splendid Job.
Posted: 1:45 am on March 19th

PaulWAdams PaulWAdams writes: Wow! What a nice design.
Posted: 8:06 am on March 17th

DorisCGonzalez DorisCGonzalez writes: Great Craftsmanship.
Posted: 2:07 am on March 16th

JamesJGeyer JamesJGeyer writes: Lovely!
Posted: 7:29 am on March 11th

MayraWVargas MayraWVargas writes: I appreciate your work
Posted: 3:32 am on March 8th

VirginiaSchmidt VirginiaSchmidt writes: Splendid job.
Posted: 7:41 am on March 4th

HelenKWelborn HelenKWelborn writes: love it man
Posted: 2:31 pm on January 19th

kennlowe kennlowe writes: Brilliant Artistry!
Posted: 5:03 pm on November 9th

Jelkstrish Jelkstrish writes: superior
Posted: 6:00 am on July 31st

Robzikshi Robzikshi writes: Great stuff
Posted: 9:26 am on May 22nd

victormarsh victormarsh writes: good share
Posted: 1:10 pm on March 19th

mnwoodworker mnwoodworker writes: First off I am sorry for your loss, that is a rough road. The casket you built is beautiful. I made the urns for my Grandparents and like John and Dan already said it is a very humbling experience that is quite an honor. God bless.
Posted: 6:05 am on February 5th

danmosheim danmosheim writes: i agree you and john. you did a beautiful job. i made caskets for my mother and for my father a few years back. while difficult, it was one of the most 'connecting' things i have done in my 40 year woodworking career. i've also made several urns for ashes for friends and their families, and i always think of it as an honor and a privilege. it is, as john says, therapuetic' and gives one a real pause, a consideration, and a closure. i'm sorry for the loss of your friend, though you did well by him ... dan
Posted: 10:08 pm on November 14th

John_Schaalje John_Schaalje writes: Beautiful casket. I made one for my father-in-law when he unexpectedly died a few years ago. I was talking to one of the owners at the wood supply store who sold us the material and she said "I bet making the casket has been therapeutic..." I couldn't have agreed more.
Posted: 1:07 pm on November 12th

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