Wax - Fine Woodworking How-To


  • How do Burn-in and Wax Sticks Differ?Q & A: How do Burn-in and Wax Sticks Differ?

    by Hendrik Varju

  • All About WaxAll About Wax

    by Peter Gedrys

    Though most commonly used as the final, protective coating on top of another type of finish, wax has a multitude of other uses. It can be used on its own to serve ...

  • Furniture Wax: What's InsideVideo: Furniture Wax: What's Inside

    with Peter Gedrys

    Discover the subtle differences between commercial wax finishes made from paraffin, carnauba, and bees wax

  • Mixing and Applying WaxVideo: Mixing and Applying Wax

    with Peter Gedrys

    Mix in dry pigments or artist's oil colors to create colored waxes for decorating or protecting wood surfaces

  • Edible Wood FinishesVideo: Edible Wood Finishes

    with Marc Spagnuolo

    Discover three safe and sound methods for finishing a cutting board and other food-related woodwork

  • One Fast FinishOne Fast Finish

    by Jeff Jewitt

    Finishing expert Jeff Jewitt describes this technique as a "down and dirty" French polish. Ideal for a low-build, "in the wood" type of look, this wipe-on finish ...

  • Wax Keeps Rust Off Hand ToolsQ & A: Wax Keeps Rust Off Hand Tools

    by Lonnie Bird

  • All About WaxesAll About Waxes

    by William Duckworth

  • An Oil-and-Wax FinishAn Oil-and-Wax Finish

    by Charles Shackleton

    This low-tech oil-and-wax finish requires no special tools. What it lacks in durability it makes up for in other ways: It is beautiful, functional, and easy to ...

  • A Spit-Shine Wax FinishA Spit-Shine Wax Finish

    by Malden K. Vranjican

    Try this method for adding a wax finish to furniture as an alternative to the traditional shellac-based French Polish. Hobby woodworker Mladen K. Vranjican details ...

  • Four Finishings for TurningsFour Finishings for Turnings

    by Teri Masaschi

    While most finishing materials used on turnings on the lathe are familiar to wood finishers, the methods of application for them are different. This article, written ...

  • Rejuvenating with WaxRejuvenating with Wax

    by Thomas E. Wisshack

    Furniture restorer Tom Wisshack says a coat of paste wax is probably the simplest and the safest way of rejuvenating the surface on a piece of old furniture. In ...

  • Demystifying WaxDemystifying Wax

    by Bob Flexner

    Wax is a misunderstood material. Bob Flexner finds many manufacturers’ claims to be nonsense, and in this article he sets about clearing up myths. He explains how ...

  • Notes on FinishingNotes on Finishing

    by Ian J. Kirby

    Finishing seems to create as many problems at the end of a job as bad preparation of wood creates at the start, writes Ian Kirby. In this article, he makes a few ...

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