A wood turner's best source of material is a fresh green-wood log. It is often freely available, and rough logs offer many options for controlling the shape and figure or a turned object.

In this video, Southern California wood turner Howard Lewin gets you started in the process of turning a bowl from green wood by demonstrating how to cut a log into turning blanks with a chainsaw and a bandsaw. His method involves big cutting tools but it can be accomplished just the same in a home shop. His techniques also include methods for capturing figure or a natural edge.

Subscription Required Shaping a Bowl Profile
Part 2: Time-tested methods for getting clean cuts with a gouge on the outside of a green wood bowl


Subscription Required Hollowing the Inside
Part 3: Learn to cut with the grain and achieve a consistent wall thickness when turning a green wood bowl

Subscription Required Finishing a Bowl
Part 4: Watch the final steps to turning a foot and parting the finished bowl from the lathe