Bob Van Dyke
Manchester, Ct.

The founder and director of the Connecticut Valley School of Woodworking answers questions from readers about keeping hand-tool blades sharp--with demonstrations and explanations of time-saving techniques.




Can you explain the Scary Sharp method?
'Wanda 2000,' via Knots

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What's the best way to sharpen curved blade edges, like those on large gouges?
'Michigan Dave,' via Knots

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Will beginners get better results if they use a honing guide?
'Woodrae,' via Knots

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How do I burnish the edge on a gooseneck scraper?
'Milanuk,' via Knots

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Do you recommend a hollow grind or a flat grind for chisels and plane irons?
From the FWW Editors

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Should I strop a chisel or gouge after I've sharpened it?
'Samson,' via Knots

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Do I need a different bevel or sharpening system for different types of tools?
'Archibald,' via Knots

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What's the difference between A2 and O1 steel? Is one more difficult to sharpen?
'Kretzer,' via Knots

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