When it comes to box dividers, simple square-shouldered dadoes will do the trick, but why not show off your joinery skills with something a bit more eye-catching? Fine Woodworking senior editor Matt Kenney uses a simple, attractive V-groove dado that's easy to cut, and easy on the eyes. While this joint shouldn't be used for larger structural assemblies, it's perfectly suited for small-scale situations like the compartmental dividers found inside any variety of boxes. Learn how to cut the joint quickly and accurately in this video tip.

Plus, learn Matt's simple recipe for a shellac-based finish that goes on smooth and fast. The secret is in the dilution. By diluting your shellac with denatured alcohol, you'll be able to pad on thinner coats that level to a flawless finish. As an added bonus, each coat dries fast, which means you'll be able to get your boxes out of the shop and into your home more quickly.

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