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Turning falls into two broad categories -- faceplate turning and spindle turning. Each one relies on a special set of tools and techniques.  The Basics: • Faceplate turning: Bowls, vessels, and other round objects. • Spindle turning: From furniture
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  • Lacwork in OakLacwork in Oak

    When Pascal Oudet turns vessels from oak, he takes the material down to its very essence -- the medullary rays and growth rings--revealing a beautiful portrait ...

  • Turn oak into laceTurn oak into lace

    by Jonathan Binzen

    Take a look at the painstaking process that goes into turning one of Pascal Oudet’s wafer-thin disks--from flattening, to turning, to sandblasting....

  • Turn a BowlTurn a Bowl

    by Mike Mahoney

    A green-wood bowl is fun to turn and—except for the lathe—doesn’t require a big investment in tools. Mike Mahoney has turned a lot of bowls in his career and he ...

  • How to Turn Chisel Handles that Fit Your GripHow to Turn Chisel Handles that Fit Your Grip

    by John Tetreault

    Making handles for your chisels is a great way to bring together a mismatched set and to customize the fit to your own hand. All you need is a few scraps of hardwood ...

  • Size Turnings with a Gate JigQ & A: Size Turnings with a Gate Jig

    by Christian Becksvoort

  • How to Turn Pulls Without a LatheHow to Turn Pulls Without a Lathe

    by Christian Becksvoort

    You can make authentic looking Shaker knobs without a lathe. All it takes is a drill press, a tenon cutter, and a few rasps and files. The process is simple and ...

  • The Story of a Custom KnobThe Story of a Custom Knob

    by Jonathan Binzen

    Abiel Rios Wong demonstrates how he makes his own tools by making a custom knob. He made the knob from a length of 1-in. brass rod and a small hunk of ebony cut ...

  • Turning Furniture Parts (Part 2)Turning Furniture Parts (Part 2)

    by Peter Galbert

    In Part 2 of Peter Galbert's series on turning, learn the subtleties involved in planing a smooth surface, plus cutting the precise notches, beads, and coves seen ...

  • How to Sharpen Your Turning ToolsHow to Sharpen Your Turning Tools

    by Peter Galbert

    For many woodworkers, learning to turn furniture parts, such as legs, pulls, or even columns, is a natural progression. It’s a fun journey, but to be successful ...

  • How to Turn Furniture PartsHow to Turn Furniture Parts

    by Peter Galbert

    Conquer the learning curve from furniture maker to competent wood turner with this no-nonsense guide by chair maker Peter Galbert. In this first of two articles, ...

  • Sanding Jig is the Segmented Turner’s Secret WeaponSanding Jig is the Segmented Turner’s Secret Weapon

    by Art Breese

    Learn how to build a sanding jig for perfect segments

  • Secrets of Segmented TurningSecrets of Segmented Turning

    by Art Breese

    Give segmented turning a try, and you may quickly become an addict like Art Breese and his woodshop friends. It's fun, you get a beautiful end project, and you ...

  • Go Beyond the Lathe for Beautiful VesselsGo Beyond the Lathe for Beautiful Vessels

    by Jonathan Binzen

    See how Liam Flynn creates his beautiful vessels, both on and off the lathe. From Fine Woodworking #227...

  • Irregular PerfectionsIrregular Perfections

    by Jonathan Binzen

    Liam Flynn has spent 30 years in search of the perfect form. For this Irish wood turner, meaning is found in the journey, not the destination. From Fine Woodworking ...

  • How to Turn a Tapered Shaker LegEditors PickVideo: How to Turn a Tapered Shaker Leg

    with Christian Becksvoort

    Used sanding pads and a neat trick using graphite make for one terrific taper

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