Tablesaw Jigs

The tablesaw is not only the centerpiece of nearly every woodworking shop, it is almost a prerequisite for the practice of woodworking. The tool’s unrivaled specialty is ripping lumber to width. But with the addition of simple jigs and fixtures, the tablesaw
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  • Custom Splitters for Zero-Clearance InsertsQ & A: Custom Splitters for Zero-Clearance Inserts

    by Hendrik Varju

  • Build a Simple Crosscut Sled for the TablesawBuild a Simple Crosscut Sled for the Tablesaw

    by Gary Rogowski

    Woodworking goes better when angles are precise, true, and consistent. Gary Rogowski's tablesaw crosscut sled can help ensure this result. He uses the jig to produce ...

  • Asymmetrical Coves on the TablesawVideo: Asymmetrical Coves on the Tablesaw

    with Stuart Sabol

    Check your setup by eye, or use a computer spreadsheet to establish blade tilt and fence angle

  • Perfect Mortise-and-Tenon JointsPerfect Mortise-and-Tenon Joints

    by Jeff Miller

    Using a plunge router, tablesaw, edge guide, and shopmade jig, Jeff Miller makes mortise-and-tenon joints that fit right every time. Here, he shares his technique ...

  • Pattern Cutting on the TablesawPattern Cutting on the Tablesaw

    by Steve Latta

    There are times when a tablesaw can be used just as effectively as a router or shaper as a pattern-cutting tool, especially when the parts don’t involve curves. ...

  • Box Joints on the TablesawBox Joints on the Tablesaw

    by Lon Schleining

    Lon Schleining offers a lesson on cutting box joints with a handy shop-made jig that attaches to a tablesaw crosscut sled. Find project plans to build the jig and ...

  • Machine Dovetails by EyeMachine Dovetails by Eye

    by Jeff Miller

    Jeff Miller uses his tablesaw and bandsaw to make dovetails that look hand-cut. He made a tablesaw jig that is fast to set up and helps him cut dovetails of any ...

  • Angled Tenons on the TablesawAngled Tenons on the Tablesaw

    by William Krase

    William Krase made a crossfeed box and some purpose-made wedges to use with a sliding table to simplify angled and compound-angled tenons. The wedges establish ...

  • Machine-Cut DovetailsMachine-Cut Dovetails

    by Mark Duginske

    Mark Duginske’s method for cutting through dovetails combines hand-tool flexibility with machine-tool speed and accuracy. It’s fast, simple, doesn’t cost much, ...

  • How to Cut a Box JointEditors PickVideo: How to Cut a Box Joint

    with Ed Pirnik

  • How to Cut Dovetails on the TablesawEditors PickVideo: How to Cut Dovetails on the Tablesaw

    with Matt Kenney

    Learn how to cut better, faster through-dovetails using your tablesaw and a standard rip blade

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