Surface Decoration

From decorative marquetry, to intricate stringing and banding, to highly figured veneered surfaces, there are a number of options for adding ornamentation to furniture.The basics: • Veneering to a core: All surface decoration techniques involve affixing
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  • Enliven Surfaces with ParquetryEnliven Surfaces with Parquetry

    by Craig Thibodeau

    Jazz up veneered panels with a diamond or herringbone pattern. This technique requires few tools and works with almost any veneer. Simply start with a stack of ...

  • Make Your Legs Stand Out with Inlaid FeetMake Your Legs Stand Out with Inlaid Feet

    by Garrett Hack

    Adding a contrasting foot to a table leg is a great way to add some pizzaz to your design. An inlaid foot leaves a much stronger leg than a foot that is added separately, ...

  • Advanced Stringing Techniques: Part IIVideo: Advanced Stringing Techniques: Part II

    with Steve Latta

    Steve Latta's lesson on advanced stringing techniques continues in part two as he shows you how to make a complete circle and how to inlay plugs.

  • Advanced Stringing Techniques: Part IVideo: Advanced Stringing Techniques: Part I

    with Steve Latta

    Learn stringing techniques for more complex designs. From sequencing to filling a double line inlay, these tips can be applied to many different designs.

  • Basic Stringing TechniquesVideo: Basic Stringing Techniques

    with Steve Latta

    A period furniture master demonstrates simple inlay techniques that yields stunning stringing in part one of our three-part series

  • From Firewood to FurnitureFrom Firewood to Furniture

    by Jonathan Binzen

    Michael Fortune turns gnarly logs into parts fit for furniture....

  • Make Veneered Doors Look Like Solid WoodQ & A: Make Veneered Doors Look Like Solid Wood

    by Michael C. Fortune

  • A Journey to BombéA Journey to Bombé

    by Thomas McKenna

    A bombe chest is a tour de force for a woodworker, requiring a combination of excellent technical skills, eye for detail, and period furniture acumen to pull off. ...

  • Patterns of LightPatterns of Light

    by Jonathan Binzen

    Using shop-sawn veneer of a single species, Lael Gordon creates contrasting patterns on the surfaces of his furniture simply by the clever way the pieces are cut ...

  • Prismatic Patterns from a Single PlankPrismatic Patterns from a Single Plank

    by Jonathan Binzen

    Laël Gordon creates what he calls the "outfield grass effect" on his panels by arranging shop-sawn veneers to take advantage of the orientation of the grain cells. ...

  • Wooden Box HingesWooden Box Hinges

    by Doug Stowe

    Ready to give up your dependence on the hardware store and mail-order catalog and unleash a little creativity? Try making your own hinges out of wood. Boxmaker ...

  • Add Bandings to a Plywood TabletopQ & A: Add Bandings to a Plywood Tabletop

    by Craig Thibodeau

  • String Inlay Made EasyString Inlay Made Easy

    by Michael C. Fortune

    String inlay is a decorative technique that can add instant appeal to a chair back, tabletop, jewelry box, or other piece of furniture. And while you could use ...

  • Trickery and TributeTrickery and Tribute

    by Jonathan Binzen

    Silas Kopf's cabinet is a direct tribute to the golden age of intarsia, particularly the work of Abraham and David Roentgen, the 18th-century German makers who ...

  • A Better Way to Add Stringing and BandingA Better Way to Add Stringing and Banding

    by Craig Thibodeau

    If the central panel is veneered, you can just add the inlay pieces to the edges of the sheet before laying up the panel, with no wood-movement worries

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