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A stoolis essentially a seat with no back or arms intended for one person. As such, it was for many centuries the standard seating arrangement for the majority of people; a chair (a seat with a back) was reserved only for the most important personages. Early
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  • Splash Color on WoodSplash Color on Wood

    by Scott McGlasson

    A background as a painter paved the way Scott McGlasson to incorporate bright colors in his furniture. His tables and stools make bold use of pigment and he achieves ...

  • Masterful ProductionMasterful Production

    by Jonathan Binzen

    The evolution of Brad Smith's ax-handle stool

  • Green-Wood JoineryGreen-Wood Joinery

    by Drew Langsner

    Drew Langsner says that successful joinery depends on attention to and control of the moisture content of the wood. The techniques used in working green wood not ...

  • Fox WedgingFox Wedging

    by Alasdair G.B. Wallace

    Alasdair G. B. Wallace made joynt stools using fox wedges, which expand the tenon within the mortise. The stools are traditionally made with green wood, which he ...

  • Five Minute Guide: Glue-UpsVideo: Five Minute Guide: Glue-Ups

    with Asa Christiana

    Gluing up furniture projects doesn't have to be a stressful affair. Learn solid tips for stock preparation, clamping, and how to deal with squeeze-out.

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