Skills and Techniques

  • Enliven Surfaces with ParquetryEnliven Surfaces with Parquetry

    by Craig Thibodeau

    Jazz up veneered panels with a diamond or herringbone pattern. This technique requires few tools and works with almost any veneer. Simply start with a stack of ...

  • Flawless Hinges in Fine FurnitureFlawless Hinges in Fine Furniture

    by Steve Latta

    Although a butt hinge consists of little more than two pieces of metal connected by a knuckle joint, it can provide a lifetime of service in anything from cabinets ...

  • How to Cut Perfect Dovetails with TapeHow to Cut Perfect Dovetails with Tape

    by Michael Pekovich

    Learn how ordinary blue painter's tape can help you cut tight-fitting dovetails every time. Michael Pekovich's method has been tested on novice woodworkers and ...

  • How to Fit an Inset DoorHow to Fit an Inset Door

    by Steve Latta

    Learn a foolproof approach to fitting an inset door. All you need is basic handplaning skills and this step-by-step method. This is a companion article to Steve ...

  • How to Get Two Curves from One StickHow to Get Two Curves from One Stick

    by Jonathan Binzen

    See how Greg Klassen crafts the split and bent-laminated back on his side chair....

  • How to Turn Pulls Without a LatheHow to Turn Pulls Without a Lathe

    by Christian Becksvoort

    You can make authentic looking Shaker knobs without a lathe. All it takes is a drill press, a tenon cutter, and a few rasps and files. The process is simple and ...

  • Three tenons are better than oneQ & A: Three tenons are better than one

    by Garrett Hack

  • Clear Chips as You RoutQ & A: Clear Chips as You Rout

    by Gregory Paolini

  • How to Cut and Fit Perfect Dovetail Pins (Part 2)How to Cut and Fit Perfect Dovetail Pins (Part 2)

    by Christian Becksvoort

    You learned to lay out, saw, and chop the tails in FWW #238. With that half of a through-dovetail joint complete, it's on to the pins. Here you will learn how to ...

  • How to Prep Rough Lumber with Hand ToolsHow to Prep Rough Lumber with Hand Tools

    by Andrew Hunter

    Flattening and dimensioning boards by hand is the bedrock of hand-tool woodworking. Nothing can teach you more about wood than taking it from rough to ready with ...

  • Make Your Legs Stand Out with Inlaid FeetMake Your Legs Stand Out with Inlaid Feet

    by Garrett Hack

    Adding a contrasting foot to a table leg is a great way to add some pizzaz to your design. An inlaid foot leaves a much stronger leg than a foot that is added separately, ...

  • Making a SplashMaking a Splash

    by Jonathan Binzen

    No lathe is used for the creation of these droplet bowls. See how Danny Kamerath does it....

  • Master the JointerMaster the Jointer

    by Marc Adams

    The jointer is one of the least understood tools in the workshop, and one of the most dangerous, according to teacher Marc Adams. It's also a critical machine to ...

  • Skill Building Hand-Tool ExercisesSkill Building Hand-Tool Exercises

    by Jeff Miller

    To firmly master the use of hand tools such as the handsaw, chisel, and handplane, you need to practice. Practice builds and reinforces your muscle memory, letting ...

  • SplashSplash

    by Jonathan Binzen

    Danny Kamerath crafts droplet bowls in a range of sizes and shapes....

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