Sharpening Turning Tools - Fine Woodworking How-To

Sharpening Turning Tools

  • Charge a Strop for HoningQ & A: Charge a Strop for Honing

    by Dan Faia

  • How to Sharpen Your Turning ToolsHow to Sharpen Your Turning Tools

    by Peter Galbert

    For many woodworkers, learning to turn furniture parts, such as legs, pulls, or even columns, is a natural progression. It’s a fun journey, but to be successful ...

  • Grinding a Bowl GougeVideo: Grinding a Bowl Gouge

    with Richard Raffan

    How to reshape and put a new bevel on a gouge with a fingernail grind. Plus, learn about Raffan's new DVD on bowl turning.

  • A Visit to the Sharpening DoctorA Visit to the Sharpening Doctor

    by Steve Scott

    Two "patients" came to Fine Woodworking and contributing editor Gary Rogowski for help with one of woodworking's more common woes-sharpening. Both Aaron Petersen ...

  • Grinding a Thumbnail GougeGrinding a Thumbnail Gouge

    by Mike Mahoney

    Wood turner Mike Mahoney details the correct way to grind a bowl or spindle gouge, keeping its distinctive fingernail profile and a cutting edge beveled at a consistent ...

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