Sharpening Power Tool Blades - Fine Woodworking How-To

Sharpening Power Tool Blades

  • When to Sharpen Tablesaw BladesQ & A: When to Sharpen Tablesaw Blades

    by Frank Del Greco

  • Sharpen Jointer Knives in PlaceSharpen Jointer Knives in Place

    by Hendrik Varju

    Sending jointer knives out for sharpening is inconvenient and the results are not always great. Also, re-setting the new knives in the jointer is a time-consuming ...

  • A Visit to the Sharpening DoctorA Visit to the Sharpening Doctor

    by Steve Scott

    Two "patients" came to Fine Woodworking and contributing editor Gary Rogowski for help with one of woodworking's more common woes-sharpening. Both Aaron Petersen ...

  • Sharpening ServicesSharpening Services

    by Tom Begnal

    Sharp edges are essential for hand and power tool work. Hand tools are usually easy to sharpen right in your shop, but motor-powered cutting tools are a different ...

  • Find a Sharpening ServiceFind a Sharpening Service

    by Fine Woodworking editors

    A list of companies to call on when cutting tools get dull

  • Keeping Tools SharpKeeping Tools Sharp

    by Roland Johnson

    Edge-tool sharpening is one of the most time-consuming tasks in the shop, and one of the most crucial. Good workmanship depends on sharp cutting tools at all stages ...

  • Repairing Bandsaw BladesRepairing Bandsaw Blades

    by Paul Bertorelli

    Wash Adams, Doug Polette, and John Leeke discuss repairing and making your own bandsaw blades. They say you don’t need welding equipment, either, just a propane ...

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