Whole books have been written about routers and how to use them, and many woodworking shops have a collection of these tools designated for different kinds of work. Routers range in size from laminate trimmers that can be used with one hand to production
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  • Mortising with a RouterVideo: Mortising with a Router

    with Gregory Paolini

    Learn how to cut a clean, accurate mortise in under 60 seconds

  • Router Depth Stops DemystifiedVideo: Router Depth Stops Demystified

    with Bob Van Dyke

    Low-tech plunge-router trick to avoid dials, knobs, and turret systems

  • Quick Tip: Jointing Without a JointerVideo: Quick Tip: Jointing Without a Jointer

    with Thomas McKenna

    Learn a jointer-free way to get an absolutely straight, square edge with a router. It’s the perfect technique for panel glue-ups.

  • How to Cut Sliding Dovetail JointsHow to Cut Sliding Dovetail Joints

    by Gary Rogowski

    Use a router table for fast and accurate drawer joinery

  • Wrenches and Router ColletsQ & A: Wrenches and Router Collets

    by John White

  • A Simple Dado for ShelvesVideo: A Simple Dado for Shelves

    with Patrick Warner

    Use your router and a shopmade workstation to cut perfect dadoes

  • Routing Dadoes With a TemplateVideo: Routing Dadoes With a Template

    with Mario Rodriguez

    Matching dadoes are a sure thing if you use a plywood template to guide the router

  • Using a Shopmade Mortising JigVideo: Using a Shopmade Mortising Jig

    with Jeff Miller

    A sturdy jig, used with a plunge router and edge guide, ensures well-cut mortises

  • Floating-Tenon JoineryFloating-Tenon Joinery

    by Lon Schleining

    Once you have a simple system for making mortise-and-tenon joints, constructing tables, chairs, and case goods can become a straightforward, fast, and consistent ...

  • Tune Up Your RouterTune Up Your Router

    by John White

    John White of Fine Woodworking explains how to get finicky routers into shape without spending much time or money. He shows how to fix height-adjustment issues, ...

  • Template Routing BasicsTemplate Routing Basics

    by Patrick Warner

    Long ago, Pat Warner discovered a devilishly simple technique for cutting dadoes. In this article, he explains how to cut them with a template and router and a ...

  • Mortising with a RouterMortising with a Router

    by Gary Rogowski

    Gary Rogowski chopped his first mortise in red oak by hand, learning a lot along the way and sharpening his chisel frequently. Then he bought a router. Here, he ...

  • Spiral-Routing on the LatheSpiral-Routing on the Lathe

    by Norman Zentil

    Norman Zentil built his own spiral-routing system on a sliding carriage that pulls along the lathe bed. A system of pulleys and weights, connected to the carriage ...

  • Router JoineryRouter Joinery

    by Bernard Maas

    After a few years breaking his router in, Bernie Maas believes that the router is one of the more significant innovations in our craft in a century. Here, he talks ...

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