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Planes - Block

Hand planes represent an important group of tools, not only for woodworkers pursuing traditional techniques but also for woodshops that rely mostly on machines. Planes do everything from remove milling marks on the edges of freshly sawn or jointed lumber
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  • Two block planes are better than oneTwo block planes are better than one

    by Garrett Hack

    Garrett Hack keeps his two favorite two block planes close at hand whenever he’s working. He uses his Veritas apron plane set up for a thicker cut to remove the ...

  • Do More with Your Block PlaneDo More with Your Block Plane

    by Jeff Miller

    Pound for pound, no hand tool in the shop packs in more value than the block plane. Its compact size makes it great for trimming parts flush, breaking edges, and ...

  • Smooth Curves with Hand ToolsSmooth Curves with Hand Tools

    by Jeff Miller

    Every furniture style has its own visual language, and that language often involves curves. Whether you bandsaw curves or rout them, they all require smoothing ...

  • Chamfer End Grain Without TearoutQ & A: Chamfer End Grain Without Tearout

    by Garrett Hack

  • Hand Tool SkillsHand Tool Skills

    by Fine Woodworking editors

    Free online extras for our newsstand-only publication featuring expert hand-tool advice and demonstrations

  • Tune Up a New PlaneVideo: Tune Up a New Plane

    with Chris Gochnour

    Whether you choose a low-angle or standard plane, an initial tune-up makes all the difference

  • Making Music with a PlaneMaking Music with a Plane

    by James Krenov

    Don’t just be a woodworker; make something more out of it, if your heart’s in it, writes James Krenov. This short article is more philosophy than how-to, a soul-searcher ...

  • Jointing by HandJointing by Hand

    by Richard Starr

    Richard Starr, who teaches woodworking to middle-school students, painstakingly joints boards by hand. Edge-glued joints can be inconspicuous and stronger than ...

  • Souping Up the Block PlaneSouping Up the Block Plane

    by Richard S. Newman

    Richard S. Newman visited luthier Robert Meadow and explains a few of his techniques. Meadow spent years investigating how edge tools work and regularly hand-planes ...

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