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Busy production shops usually need industrial-sized or mid-sized thickness planers, but smaller woodshops and home hobbyists may find that a benchtop planer will handles most jobs that they undertake. More than a half-dozen manufacturers offer benchtop
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  • Get better cuts with your planerGet better cuts with your planer

    by Jerry Forshee

    Quality woodworking requires stock that’s been milled flat, smooth, and of a consistent thickness. Your planer is essential to that process. Its job is to work ...

  • Turn Your Planer into a JointerVideo: Turn Your Planer into a Jointer

    with Dillon Ryan

    If you have a board that's too wide for your jointer, you can use a planer sled for flattening. Assistant editor Dillon Ryan shows you how simple it is to do....

  • Essential Milling MachinesEssential Milling Machines

    by Tom Begnal

    Before you can begin any woodworking project, some preliminary work is in order. That work, called milling, is done with the jointer, planer, and tablesaw. When ...

  • How to Avoid Planer Snipe on Short StockVideo: How to Avoid Planer Snipe on Short Stock

    with Thomas McKenna

    Learn how to avoid snipe when planing short stock by lengthening your wood.

  • Get the Most from Your PlanerVideo: Get the Most from Your Planer

    with Roland Johnson

    Expert techniques to make a planer cut safely and smoothly while avoiding snipe and tearout

  • Squaring Up Rough LumberVideo: Squaring Up Rough Lumber

    with Gary Rogowski

    Learn the four-square technique for milling lumber

  • Flatten Boards without a JointerFlatten Boards without a Jointer

    by Keith Rust

    Working with wide lumber would be a joy if not for the dilemma of how to flatten the boards. The obvious method is to rip a wide board into narrower strips, use ...

  • Getting Peak Planer PerformanceGetting Peak Planer Performance

    by Robert M. Vaughan

    Robert M. Vaughan says that until you are sure that your machine is adjusted properly, it’s hard to tell whether your planing problems originate with the tool or ...

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