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Miter Joints

Anyone who has ogled a painting or stared into a mirror is familiar with the miter. This decorative joint is used on small boxes, frames, even to hold together a carcase. From an aesthetic point of view, the miter is an attractive way to deal with a corner. The
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  • Mitered DovetailsMitered Dovetails

    by John Tetreault

    A dovetailed box is a fine example of craftsmanship in its own right. Add a miter to the top edge and it's even more slick. Add a second miter to hide the through-grooves ...

  • How to Build Beautiful Cases from PlywoodHow to Build Beautiful Cases from Plywood

    by Craig Thibodeau

    There's a lot of creative freedom in building cases with veneered panels. Veneer makes it possible to use a variety of exotic woods and dramatic figure, and wrapping ...

  • Secrets to a Perfect Mitered BoxSecrets to a Perfect Mitered Box

    by Matt Kenney

    What's so hard about making a mitered box? On the face of it, it seems an easy project. But if you want to turn out a beautiful small box, all the details have ...

  • Strengthen Miter Joints with SplinesQ & A: Strengthen Miter Joints with Splines

    by Marc Adams

  • Strong and Handsome: Half-Blind Mitered DovetailsStrong and Handsome: Half-Blind Mitered Dovetails

    by Michael C. Fortune

    Half-blind mitered dovetails combine the visual effect of a miter joint, with continuous grain wrapping around a corner, with the strength and classic look of dovetails. ...

  • Fast Fixes for Joinery MistakesFast Fixes for Joinery Mistakes

    by Michael Pekovich, Greg Brown, Garrett Hack, Will Neptune, Thomas McKenna

    Straight from the pros, five quick and easy fixes for joinery mistakes. If you find yourself midway through a piece of furniture and find yourself with a gappy ...

  • Super-Strong 3-Way MiterSuper-Strong 3-Way Miter

    by Andrew Hunter

    This miter joint has been in use since the Ming dynasty, and it may seem daunting at first. But Andrew Hunter lays out all the steps to create the three-way miter, ...

  • Seal Miter Joints Before Glue-UpQ & A: Seal Miter Joints Before Glue-Up

    by Bob Behnke

  • For Accurate Miters, Set the Blade with a Drafting TriangleQ & A: For Accurate Miters, Set the Blade with a Drafting Triangle

    by Michael Pekovich

  • Mitered Edging Made EasyMitered Edging Made Easy

    by J. Peter Schlebecker

    Applying a solid mitered edge to a veneered tabletop or other panel can be a tricky process. If the panel isn't perfectly square, it's difficult to get all four ...

  • Miter Your DovetailsMiter Your Dovetails

    by Josh Metcalf

    The joinery in this small dresser mirror combines dovetails and miters in an innovative way. The author explains how to do two versions -- a frame joint that has ...

  • Joint Strength TestVideo: Joint Strength Test

    with Thomas McKenna

    See which joints performed the best in a stress test

  • Resawing and Mitering with Doug StoweVideo: Resawing and Mitering with Doug Stowe

    with Doug Stowe

    In this excerpt from his DVD on box-making, Doug Stowe shows two ways to resaw stock and how to match the grain across a mitered joint

  • Mitered Molding Simplifies Traditional DoorsMitered Molding Simplifies Traditional Doors

    by Lonnie Bird

    Sticking is the decorative molding that decorates the inside edges of traditional door frames. To join this type of profile cleanly at the inside corners of a frame, ...

  • The Miter Joint for CaseworkThe Miter Joint for Casework

    by David Hyatt

    The miter joint is not only for use on picture frames, edging, or molding. This joint is also an attractive means of joining the body of a cabinet. Clean and simple, ...

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