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The foundation of any piece of furniture is the base on which it rests. In addition to providing structural support, the base will set the tone for the design. Whether you’re constructing feet or legs, there are a number of options to consider: The Basics: •
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  • Stretchers Add StrengthStretchers Add Strength

    by Tim Coleman

    In Strong Tenons in Skinny Legs (FWW #236), I illustrated my techniques for maximizing mortise-and-tenon joinery in narrow legs. Two cabinets featured there incorporate ...

  • Perfect Tapers on the TablesawEditors PickPerfect Tapers on the Tablesaw

    by Steve Latta

    Found across a range of furniture styles, tapered legs are popular because they are good-looking. They break up a square, boxy piece of furniture and direct the ...

  • Tablesaw Tapering Jig is Safer and FasterEditors PickVideo: Tablesaw Tapering Jig is Safer and Faster

    with Mark Schofield

    Learn how an adjustable leg tapering jig can easily cut two, three, and four-sided tapers on the tablesaw

  • Fast Fix: Leg Tapering JigVideo: Fast Fix: Leg Tapering Jig

    with Thomas McKenna

    Learn how to build a jig for safe and simple tapered legs

  • Masterful ProductionMasterful Production

    by Jonathan Binzen

    The evolution of Brad Smith's ax-handle stool

  • Turn a Pad-Foot LegTurn a Pad-Foot Leg

    by Jon Siegel

    Unlike its fancier cousin, the cabriole, the pad-foot leg is produced entirely on the lathe, with no bandsaw work beforehand or hand-finishing afterward. Jon Siegel ...

  • Level Uneven TablelegsVideo: Level Uneven Tablelegs

    with Gary Rogowski

    Remove the wobble from out-of-level table with this smart technique on the tablesaw

  • A Lesson in Grain DirectionVideo: A Lesson in Grain Direction

    with David Heim

    A College of the Redwoods instructor shares some important insights into reading grain direction when making a curved foot

  • A Faceted Ruhlmann LegA Faceted Ruhlmann Leg

    by Aaron Radelow

    This torpedo-shaped, multisided leg is the signature design of Emile-Jacques Ruhlmann. Woodworker Aaron Radelow details how to make a Ruhlmann leg by breaking construction ...

  • Shaping Tapered LegsVideo: Shaping Tapered Legs

    with Mario Rodriguez

    Shape elegant tapered legs by hand

  • All About Legs, Feet, and BasesAll About Legs, Feet, and Bases

    by Matt Berger

  • Joining Legs to ApronsJoining Legs to Aprons

    by Garrett Hack

    The life of a table is not easy. All the stress concentrates on the leg-to-apron joint, which holds a table together. Here, Garrett Hack offers step-by-step directions ...

  • How to Dress Up a Basic BoxHow to Dress Up a Basic Box

    by Roger Holmes

    A pair of bedside tables prompted Roger Holmes to explore methods of enhancing the basic box that woodworkers so often face building. This article shows how to ...

  • Shaping Cabriole LegsShaping Cabriole Legs

    by Lonnie Bird

    Nothing symbolizes 18th-century furniture more than the cabriole leg, and it’s easy to make, says Lonnie Bird. In this article, he shows how to establish proportions, ...

  • Designing Table LegsDesigning Table Legs

    by Graham Blackburn

    Legs are often defining features of a table, writes Graham Blackburn, who explains in this article how to select the right legs for your table from the bewildering ...

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