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Lap Joints

The lap joint comes in a number of styles and applications, but each follows the same general principle: Two parts are cut to overlap. The Basics: • Half-lap: Remove the full width of each intersecting member, but only half of the thickness • Center-lap:
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  • Cutting the Half-LapCutting the Half-Lap

    by Chris Gochnour

    A good starting point to learning the skills to cut joinery by hand are half-lap and T-lap joints. These simple joints bring home the most important lesson about ...

  • Build Lighter, Stronger FurnitureBuild Lighter, Stronger Furniture

    by Garrett Hack

    Strong furniture does not have to be beefy in appearance. In fact, you can build very strong pieces that are delicate in appearance by designing furniture that ...

  • Joint Strength TestVideo: Joint Strength Test

    with Thomas McKenna

    See which joints performed the best in a stress test

  • Cut a Half Lap JointVideo: Cut a Half Lap Joint

    with Gary Rogowski

    Undercut the joint on the tablesaw and then trim it to fit with hand tools

  • Repairing a Lap JointRepairing a Lap Joint

    by Philip C. Lowe

    Two ways to rescue a miscut lap joint

  • All About Lap JointsAll About Lap Joints

    by Mario Rodriguez

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