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Lacquer is often regarded as the best all-around finish for wood. It dries quickly, and it’s durable. There are several different types of lacquer available to woodworkers. Understanding the characteristics of each will help you choose the right one. The
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  • Splash Color on WoodSplash Color on Wood

    by Scott McGlasson

    A background as a painter paved the way Scott McGlasson to incorporate bright colors in his furniture. His tables and stools make bold use of pigment and he achieves ...

  • Protect Outdoor Hardware from RustQ & A: Protect Outdoor Hardware from Rust

    by Robert Erickson

  • Better than PaintBetter than Paint

    by Sean Clarke

    A crisp, classic white finish for bookcases, built-ins, and kitchen cabinets is usually sprayed on to achieve the very even application it needs. But if you aren't ...

  • Water-Based FinishesWater-Based Finishes

    by Jeff Weiss

    Water-based finishes have long promised fast drying time, low odor, easy cleanup, and nonflammability. But they have a checkered past. Early versions were hard ...

  • Finish Recipe: Spraying LacquerFinish Recipe: Spraying Lacquer

    by Martin J. Milkovits

    This quick and durable finish is a perfect fit for an everyday bookcase

  • Paint or Colored Lacquer for Furniture?Q & A: Paint or Colored Lacquer for Furniture?

    by Peter Gedrys

  • A Two-Step Finish for Wood TurningsVideo: A Two-Step Finish for Wood Turnings

    with Teri Masaschi

    Lacquer is durable and quick to apply.

  • Use Pullover for a Hand-Rubbed Lacquer FinishVideo: Use Pullover for a Hand-Rubbed Lacquer Finish

    with Sean Clarke

    To remove brush marks, make the denim rubber, and start polishing

  • All About LacquersAll About Lacquers

    by William Duckworth

  • Four Finishings for TurningsFour Finishings for Turnings

    by Teri Masaschi

    While most finishing materials used on turnings on the lathe are familiar to wood finishers, the methods of application for them are different. This article, written ...

  • Safe and Simple Arts and Crafts FinishSafe and Simple Arts and Crafts Finish

    by Jeff Jewitt

    Gustav Stickley worked tirelessly to perfect a finishing process for quartersawn white oak using ammonia fuming. His noted process isn’t hard, but it does have ...

  • All About Thinning FinishesAll About Thinning Finishes

    by Jeff Jewitt

    Jeff Jewitt offers a primer on solvents – which ones are appropriate for water- or oil-based finishes, shellacs, or solvent lacquers, whether for spraying, brushing, ...

  • Padding LacquerPadding Lacquer

    by Mario Rodriguez

    When done well, a French polish has a soft but brilliant glow that brings out all the depth and color of the wood without the heavy buildup generally associated ...

  • Spray FinishingSpray Finishing

    by Gregory Johnson

    Gregory Johnson says a sprayed lacquer finish is more difficult to apply than oil or brushed varnish, but it’s among the most workable, practical finishes for the ...

  • Catalyzed LacquersCatalyzed Lacquers

    by David E. Shaw

    If you want a finish that’s as tough and strong as baked enamel, more resilient than polyurethane, and won’t look like plastic, catalyzed lacquers are the thing ...

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