Jointer-Planer Combos - Fine Woodworking How-To

Jointer-Planer Combos

Rough lumber is just that -- rough lumber. It often comes with dimensional distortions like twists and warps. A jointer corrects these problems and produces lumber that’s truly ready to be worked -- straight, flat and square. What Counts: • Flatness
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  • Master the JointerMaster the Jointer

    by Marc Adams

    The jointer is one of the least understood tools in the workshop, and one of the most dangerous, according to teacher Marc Adams. It's also a critical machine to ...

  • Essential Milling MachinesEssential Milling Machines

    by Tom Begnal

    Before you can begin any woodworking project, some preliminary work is in order. That work, called milling, is done with the jointer, planer, and tablesaw. When ...

  • Jointer-Planer Makes Sense for a Segmented CutterheadJointer-Planer Makes Sense for a Segmented Cutterhead

    by Asa Christiana

  • Machining Stock to DimensionMachining Stock to Dimension

    by Roger Holmes

    The process of accurately dimensioning lumber lacks the romance of cutting beautiful joints, but it is fundamental to quality woodworking. Roger Holmes suggests ...

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