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  • Inlay Made Easy: Carving the Perfect CavityVideo: Inlay Made Easy: Carving the Perfect Cavity

    with Mark Laub

    Exacting techniques to create an inlay cavity using hand and power tools

  • Inlay Made Easy: Intro to EmbellishmentVideo: Inlay Made Easy: Intro to Embellishment

    with Mark Laub

    Transform an ordinary piece of furniture into something spectacular

  • Inlay Made Easy: Metal AccentsVideo: Inlay Made Easy: Metal Accents

    with Mark Laub

    Simple techniques with solder create the look of antique pewter

  • Inlay a Square PegVideo: Inlay a Square Peg

    with Gary Rogowski

    Use a mix of hand and power tools to cut the peg mortise and shape the beveled edge once it's installed

  • Make an Oval Fan InlayVideo: Make an Oval Fan Inlay

    with John Gush

    A fast and repeatable method for cutting, shading, and assembling the veneers on this Federal-period decoration

  • Line-and-Berry InlayLine-and-Berry Inlay

    by Steve Latta

    Learn to cut the grooves and inlay the stringing for the line-and-berry inlay design featured on the door of Steve Latta's spice box. His simple but effective method ...

  • Federal-Style Stringing and BandingFederal-Style Stringing and Banding

    by Steve Latta

    In this Master Class, Steve Latta describes how to veneer the feet of the Federal-Style Card table; how to add banding to the apron and the feet; and how to inlay ...

  • How to Inlay Ornamental BellflowersHow to Inlay Ornamental Bellflowers

    by Steve Latta

    Bellflower inlays come in many variations, but the type used on the card table I built are common to Baltimore work and are extremely beautiful.If you’ve never ...

  • Protect Inlay with Selective StainingProtect Inlay with Selective Staining

    by Jeff Jewitt

    Master finisher Jeff Jewitt explains a technique for staining a piece without staining the stringing. Step by step, he details how he protects the unstained areas. ...

  • Six Steps to a Perfect InlaySix Steps to a Perfect Inlay

    by Roland Johnson

    Roland Johnson explains a process he developed to add inlay to a tabletop. In this short article, he leads readers through the six steps to completing the job. ...

  • Federal-Style Oval InlaysFederal-Style Oval Inlays

    by Steve Latta

    Steve Latta loves to cut inlays, and he shares his enthusiasm here as he shows how to cut a leaf-and-thistle oval inlay. Patterns of classic ovals may be hard to ...

  • Veneering an EllipseVeneering an Ellipse

    by John M. Van Buren

    Veneering the oval in the center of the serpentine apron on Sheraton-style tables that John M. Van Buren was building created a technical challenge. He explains ...

  • Epoxy InlayEpoxy Inlay

    by Jeff Miller

    Jeff Miller used wood for inlays for years until he figured out a way to tint epoxy for more intricate jobs. Splicing, cutting to length and mitering are all eliminated. ...

  • String InlayString Inlay

    by Garrett Hack

    Garrett Hack says that applying string inlay is one of those techniques that looks more difficult than it really is. There are three main steps: cutting the groove, ...

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