Furniture Types

  • Making a Classic ContemporaryMaking a Classic Contemporary

    by Jonathan Binzen

    Furniture makers have been tweaking and changing the design of the Windsor chair ever since the first one was built, and Curtis Buchanan is no exception. See how ...

  • The Why of Windsor ChairsThe Why of Windsor Chairs

    by Curtis Buchanan

    Four centuries after they first emerged, in England, Windsors chairs and their offspring account for about half the wooden chairs on the planet. The original chair ...

  • Twisted and TexturedTwisted and Textured

    by Jonathan Binzen

    John Lee makes furniture full time in a shop he built behind his father’s house in County Meath, Ireland, using traditional techniques to create innovative furniture. ...

  • How to Engineer a Chest of DrawersHow to Engineer a Chest of Drawers

    by Gerald Curry

    Even if you build your projects to accommodate wood movement and choose the best materials for each part, there will be times when you'll need to be more exact ...

  • Mother Nature Meets Her MatchMother Nature Meets Her Match

    by Jonathan Binzen

    When Greg Brown decided to build a live-edge table in tribute to his older brother, he stepped away from the stark, plain base design that is traditionally paired ...

  • Prevent Springback in Bent LaminationsQ & A: Prevent Springback in Bent Laminations

    by Adrian Ferrazzutti

  • The Garden Chair, Part 2: AssemblyThe Garden Chair, Part 2: Assembly

    by Michael C. Fortune

    Part 2 of the Garden Chair project takes the curved laminations created in Part 1 and turns them into a chair. Patterns make it easy to trace the shapes of each ...

  • A Seat in the TreesA Seat in the Trees

    by Jonathan Binzen

    Greg Klassen’s slender side chair is packed with personal history....

  • How to Get Two Curves from One StickHow to Get Two Curves from One Stick

    by Jonathan Binzen

    See how Greg Klassen crafts the split and bent-laminated back on his side chair....

  • Three tenons are better than oneQ & A: Three tenons are better than one

    by Garrett Hack

  • Making a SplashMaking a Splash

    by Jonathan Binzen

    No lathe is used for the creation of these droplet bowls. See how Danny Kamerath does it....

  • SplashSplash

    by Jonathan Binzen

    Danny Kamerath crafts droplet bowls in a range of sizes and shapes....

  • Uncommon Arts & CraftsUncommon Arts & Crafts

    by Jonathan Binzen

    There is a wealth of amazing Arts and Crafts design to be found outside the mainstream—away from the well-known and much-heralded pieces by the likes of the Greene ...

  • Building a Community of BenchesBuilding a Community of Benches

    by Jonathan Binzen

    Take a closer look at four of the utopian benches Francis Cape re-created after traveling to 12 Utopian communities and writing a book about the benches he found ...

  • Utopian BenchesUtopian Benches

    by Jonathan Binzen

    Englishman Francis Cape traveled to 12 communal societies —the most famous being the Shakers—and focused on drawing and building replicas of their benches as a ...

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