Furniture Types

  • A Seat in the TreesA Seat in the Trees

    by Jonathan Binzen

    Greg Klassen’s slender side chair is packed with personal history....

  • How to Get Two Curves from One StickHow to Get Two Curves from One Stick

    by Jonathan Binzen

    See how Greg Klassen crafts the split and bent-laminated back on his side chair....

  • Three tenons are better than oneQ & A: Three tenons are better than one

    by Garrett Hack

  • Making a SplashMaking a Splash

    by Jonathan Binzen

    No lathe is used for the creation of these droplet bowls. See how Danny Kamerath does it....

  • SplashSplash

    by Jonathan Binzen

    Danny Kamerath crafts droplet bowls in a range of sizes and shapes....

  • Uncommon Arts & CraftsUncommon Arts & Crafts

    by Jonathan Binzen

    There is a wealth of amazing Arts and Crafts design to be found outside the mainstream—away from the well-known and much-heralded pieces by the likes of the Greene ...

  • Building a Community of BenchesBuilding a Community of Benches

    by Jonathan Binzen

    Take a closer look at four of the utopian benches Francis Cape re-created after traveling to 12 Utopian communities and writing a book about the benches he found ...

  • Utopian BenchesUtopian Benches

    by Jonathan Binzen

    Englishman Francis Cape traveled to 12 communal societies —the most famous being the Shakers—and focused on drawing and building replicas of their benches as a ...

  • Shorten Hinge Screws That Are Too LongQ & A: Shorten Hinge Screws That Are Too Long

    by Matt Kenney

  • A Journey to BombéA Journey to Bombé

    by Thomas McKenna

    A bombe chest is a tour de force for a woodworker, requiring a combination of excellent technical skills, eye for detail, and period furniture acumen to pull off. ...

  • Wooden Box HingesWooden Box Hinges

    by Doug Stowe

    Ready to give up your dependence on the hardware store and mail-order catalog and unleash a little creativity? Try making your own hinges out of wood. Boxmaker ...

  • Chair Fuses Best of East and WestChair Fuses Best of East and West

    by Jonathan Binzen

    See how John Cameron blends the design of a 500-year-old Ming Dynasty chair with modern furniture in his version of the "official's hat" armchair....

  • Expanding Table Looks Great Open or ClosedExpanding Table Looks Great Open or Closed

    by Greg Brown

    This table expands and contracts with no compromise in appearance, strength, or utility. Greg Brown first tried the mechanics on a Chippendale design, but realized ...

  • Massachusetts MingMassachusetts Ming

    by Jonathan Binzen

    John Cameron designs a modern version of the Chinese “official’s hat” armchair....

  • Turning Furniture Parts (Part 2)Turning Furniture Parts (Part 2)

    by Peter Galbert

    In Part 2 of Peter Galbert's series on turning, learn the subtleties involved in planing a smooth surface, plus cutting the precise notches, beads, and coves seen ...

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