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Finishing Accessories

  • Foolproof Brushing TechniquesVideo: Foolproof Brushing Techniques

    with Peter Gedrys

    Learn how to use the right brush for the right job

  • Mixing Small Amounts of FinishQ & A: Mixing Small Amounts of Finish

    by Teri Masaschi

  • Caring for BrushesCaring for Brushes

    by David Sorg

    Cleaning brushes is a chore that few people look forward to, but it isn't all that complicated. David Sorg explains what to do even before you use the brush to ...

  • Waterborne Finishes Come of AgeWaterborne Finishes Come of Age

    by Chris A. Minick

    In the 11 years since consulting editor Chris A. Minick last tested waterborne finishes, these products have improved significantly. And that's good news, because ...

  • Get Top Results with a Foam BrushGet Top Results with a Foam Brush

    by Thomas R. Schrunk

    Foam brushes cost around a dollar, are widely available, and, best of all, do not shed bristles and are discarded after use. They are the implement of choice for ...

  • Applying an Aerosol FinishVideo: Applying an Aerosol Finish

    with Mark Schofield

    Proper techniques yield a flawless finish

  • How to Apply a True Oil FinishVideo: How to Apply a True Oil Finish

    with Christian Becksvoort

    Nontoxic and easily repaired, this traditional finish is still worth considering

  • Spraying Three-Dimensional ObjectsVideo: Spraying Three-Dimensional Objects

    with Jeff Jewitt

    To spray complicated pieces, work from the less visible parts to the most visible

  • Use Pullover for a Hand-Rubbed Lacquer FinishVideo: Use Pullover for a Hand-Rubbed Lacquer Finish

    with Sean Clarke

    To remove brush marks, make the denim rubber, and start polishing

  • Choosing SandpaperChoosing Sandpaper

    by Scott Gibson

    The subject of sandpaper grows more complicated each year, as manufacturers offer more and more types of abrasives, backings, and adhesives in a wider variety of ...

  • Wipe-On Finish TestWipe-On Finish Test

    by Chris A. Minick

    Consulting editor Chris Minick put 17 wipe-on finishes to the test and discovered that the best performers weren't necessarily the most expensive. His study included ...

  • Varnishing SecretsVarnishing Secrets

    by David Sorg

    If youve never tried a rubbed and polished finish because you feared the hours of work required or experience needed, youll be surprised at how easy David Sorg ...

  • Versatile ShellacVersatile Shellac

    by Peter Gedrys

    Professional finisher Peter Gedrys breaks down the mysteries of shellac the wide varieties available, what types to use, which form is best for which wood, and ...

  • Four Finishings for TurningsFour Finishings for Turnings

    by Teri Masaschi

    While most finishing materials used on turnings on the lathe are familiar to wood finishers, the methods of application for them are different. This article, written ...

  • Finishing MahoganyFinishing Mahogany

    by Jeff Jewitt

    If you want your finish to enrich the colors of that bland mahogany, try this recipe. To understand how to finish mahogany, one must know its history. In this article, ...

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