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There are many choices available to woodworkers who want to add color to their projects. Some techniques are easy to accomplish, others can be more complicated, but all can be mastered with a little practice. The Basics • Stains: Pigments and dyes are
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  • Splash Color on WoodSplash Color on Wood

    by Scott McGlasson

    A background as a painter paved the way Scott McGlasson to incorporate bright colors in his furniture. His tables and stools make bold use of pigment and he achieves ...

  • How to Store Water-Soluble DyesQ & A: How to Store Water-Soluble Dyes

    by Peter Gedrys

  • Best Dye for Curved VeneerQ & A: Best Dye for Curved Veneer

    by Jeff Jewitt

  • Success With DyesSuccess With Dyes

    by Jeff Jewitt

    Water-based dye stains have a lot going for them. Not only do they come in a range of colors, but they are transparent enough that they allow eye-catching figure ...

  • Concealing SapwoodQ & A: Concealing Sapwood

    by Peter Gedrys

  • How to Create a Sunburst FinishVideo: How to Create a Sunburst Finish

    with James Condino

    See how mixing two colors of water-based dye creates a striking two-color effect that enhances the appearance of figured wood

  • Coloring Wood Like a ProVideo: Coloring Wood Like a Pro

    with Jeff Jewitt

    Learn to apply dye stains and correct the color once they're applied in this excerpt from the DVD 'Hand-Applied Finishes'

  • Easy Finish Ages a Classic Cherry PieceEasy Finish Ages a Classic Cherry Piece

    by Dan Faia

    Dan Faia's first goal when finishing his porringer-top tea table was to tone down the brightness of the new cherry wood. Cherry’s tendency to blotch can make dyeing ...

  • Dyes Bring Out Best in Figured MapleDyes Bring Out Best in Figured Maple

    by James Condino

    James Condino's finish is designed to bring out the multidimensional, layered color of figured maple. His method uses a dark dye followed by a series of lighter ...

  • An Antique Finish for Tiger MapleAn Antique Finish for Tiger Maple

    by Lonnie Bird

    Lonnie Bird shares the secret for re-creating the distinctive stripes, three-dimensional depth, and rich amber color of an antique tiger maple finish. Bird's method ...

  • The Impact of Light on Dyes and StainsThe Impact of Light on Dyes and Stains

    by Teri Masaschi

    Whatever dye or pigment stain you use, it will fade or change color with exposure to bright light. The solution is not to swear you'll never stain wood again (after ...

  • Color Matching WoodsVideo: Color Matching Woods

    with Mark Schofield

    A finish of dye, shellac, and wax brings a rich, consistent color to three different woods in a Chippendale mirror

  • Combining Dyes and StainsCombining Dyes and Stains

    by Paul Snyder

    You may think that the only reason to dye or stain a piece of furniture is to change its color, but many more subtle changes are possible. With dyes and stains ...

  • Altering the colors of dyes and stainsAltering the colors of dyes and stains

    by Peter Gedrys

    All colors are not created equal. Anyone who has ever bought a stain or dye and then been surprised by the results knows that. But with a little knowledge of color ...

  • How to Conceal SapwoodHow to Conceal Sapwood

    by Teri Masaschi

    Must furniture makers and woodworkers resign themselves to ignoring the increasing amounts of sapwood in cherry and walnut boards? Should they cut it out or use ...

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