R.A. Salaman’s Dictionary of Woodworking Tools devotes 17 pages to chisels -- many that would be familiar to contemporary woodworkers but many others whose long-lost purposes we can only wonder about. The sheer number of chisel varieties is a reflection
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  • Skill Building Hand-Tool ExercisesSkill Building Hand-Tool Exercises

    by Jeff Miller

    To firmly master the use of hand tools such as the handsaw, chisel, and handplane, you need to practice. Practice builds and reinforces your muscle memory, letting ...

  • Choosing and Using Japanese ChiselsChoosing and Using Japanese Chisels

    by John Reed Fox

    There is a reason why Japanese hand tools have such a great reputation—solid craftsmanship. And when it comes to chisels, John Reed Fox says, Japanese varieties ...

  • How To Set Up Your New Japanese ChiselHow To Set Up Your New Japanese Chisel

    by John Reed Fox

    If you're buying a Japanese chisel for the first time, you need to know that it will require some setup before you can use it. For these tools come in what Westerners ...

  • Sharpening a Skew ChiselSharpening a Skew Chisel

    by Dan Faia

    Learn how to carve this most important hand tool used in carving for undercutting or cleaning out corners

  • Cut a Mortise in MinutesCut a Mortise in Minutes

    by Christian Becksvoort

    The time-honored practice of cutting mortises with a drill and chisel can be frustrating, mainly because the process of chiseling out the waste between drilled ...

  • Hand Tool SkillsHand Tool Skills

    by Fine Woodworking editors

    Free online extras for our newsstand-only publication featuring expert hand-tool advice and demonstrations

  • Reseating a Socket Chisel HandleQ & A: Reseating a Socket Chisel Handle

    by Bob Smalser

  • Get the Most from Your Bench ChiselsGet the Most from Your Bench Chisels

    by Chris Gochnour

    They've been used by generations of woodworkers and are still one of the most versatile hand tools in the shop. As Chris Gochnour explains, chisels are invaluable ...

  • Bench Chisel TechniquesVideo: Bench Chisel Techniques

    with Garrett Hack

    Review the basics of chopping and paring with a chisel in the last of our 10-question series on choosing and using chisels

  • How to Hone a ChiselVideo: How to Hone a Chisel

    with Garrett Hack

    Learn one method for creating a scary-sharp edge in part nine of our 10-question series on choosing and using chisels

  • Quick Tip: Sharpen a Chisel SquareVideo: Quick Tip: Sharpen a Chisel Square

    with Garrett Hack

    A square edge isn't required but you can watch one way to get one in part eight in our 10-question series on choosing and using chisels

  • Soup-Up a Flea Market ChiselVideo: Soup-Up a Flea Market Chisel

    with Garrett Hack

    Learn to make a new handle and revive the blade in part seven of our 10-question series on choosing and using chisels

  • Get a Handle on Your ChiselsGet a Handle on Your Chisels

    by Bob Smalser

    There are premium chisels out there at flea markets, estate sales, and auctions--provided you know how to make your own handles. Bob Smalser demonstrates how to ...

  • Make a Chisel HandleMake a Chisel Handle

    by Bob Smalser

    Create a custom handle for your socket chisel in ten steps and practice basic hand tool use along the way

  • Chop a Hinge MortiseVideo: Chop a Hinge Mortise

    with Garrett Hack

    Rough out the mortise, then chop and pare to the lines

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