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Chairs - Windsor

The simple definition of a chair as a movable seat, with a back, for a single person gives no indication of the truly vast range of objects that qualify under this description. Furthermore, few people today are aware of the fact that for much of its history --
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  • Stretching the Windsor TraditionStretching the Windsor Tradition

    by Peter Galbert

    Peter Galbert had spent years building Windsor chairs when he decided to push the design into areas that were unexpected. This curved settee is one result of his ...

  • Making a Classic ContemporaryMaking a Classic Contemporary

    by Jonathan Binzen

    Furniture makers have been tweaking and changing the design of the Windsor chair ever since the first one was built, and Curtis Buchanan is no exception. See how ...

  • The Right Angles for a Comfortable WindsorThe Right Angles for a Comfortable Windsor

    by Curtis Buchanan

    There are no set values for the critical angles in a Windsor chair. Rake, splay, cant, and slouch can all be adjusted through a range of angles, depending on the ...

  • The Why of Windsor ChairsThe Why of Windsor Chairs

    by Curtis Buchanan

    Four centuries after they first emerged, in England, Windsors chairs and their offspring account for about half the wooden chairs on the planet. The original chair ...

  • How to Drill Windsor Chair MortisesVideo: How to Drill Windsor Chair Mortises

    with Peter Galbert

    Learn how to drill Windsor chair mortises at the proper angle with an ingenious set-up using mirrors.

  • How to Ream Windsor Chair MortisesVideo: How to Ream Windsor Chair Mortises

    with Peter Galbert

    In part two of our video series on Windsor chair mortises, learn how to properly ream your mortises for a super-tight fit.

  • Turn a Windsor Chair LegVideo: Turn a Windsor Chair Leg

    with James Rendi

    Watch a pro turn this classic leg design, download full-size plans, and build the whole chair using expert advice and how-tos

  • The Right Wood for the JobThe Right Wood for the Job

    by Michael Dunbar

    Mike Dunbar explains how important it is to select wood wisely for your project. For instance, chair parts serve distinct mechanical functions, and materials should ...

  • Chair StoryChair Story

    by Jonathan Binzen

    The small town of Jonesborough, where chairmaker Curtis Buchanan lives and works, is known for storytelling. And the story of how Buchanan made this chair for a ...

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