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Assembly and Glue Up

The assembly and glue-up phase is a critical step of any woodworking project. To ensure the quality and integrity of the finished piece, you should take a number of factors into account: The Basics: • Dry-fit first: Avoid nightmares by first assembling
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  • The Versatile WedgeThe Versatile Wedge

    by Bob Van Dyke

    Wedges are commonly used in joinery, but they also come in handy when clamping, especially in situations where traditional clamps get in the way or can't do the ...

  • How to Tame Tricky Glue-UpsHow to Tame Tricky Glue-Ups

    by Michael C. Fortune

    The key to all glue-ups—especially those on curved parts—is that the clamping pressure must be at an exact right angle to the glueline, and centered on the joint. ...

  • Reviving the Tambour DoorReviving the Tambour Door

    by Scott Ernst

    Tambour doors are an elegant and easy way to close a cabinet when traditional doors won't work, or just when you want something different. They are ideal for shallow ...

  • Easy Fix for a Gappy GluelineEasy Fix for a Gappy Glueline

    by Gregory Paolini

  • Great Glue-Ups, GuaranteedGreat Glue-Ups, Guaranteed

    by Michael C. Fortune

    Glue up panels, edging, joinery, and casework with maximum success and a minimum of stress. Michael Fortune's formula for successful glue-ups starts with remembering ...

  • How to Gear Up for Glue-UpsHow to Gear Up for Glue-Ups

    by Michael C. Fortune

    They key to success for any glue-up is to have the right supplies on hand. If you assemble a kit of cauls and clamps like Michael Fortune suggests, your probability ...

  • How to Make Cambered CaulsVideo: How to Make Cambered Cauls

    with Asa Christiana

    Get clamping pressure where you need it with easy shopmade cauls

  • Never Struggle with Squeeze-Out AgainNever Struggle with Squeeze-Out Again

    by Michael C. Fortune

    Most of us have a love-hate relationship with glue squeeze-out. That thin, consistent bead of glue along a joint line indicates we've used enough glue for a strong ...

  • Tips for Drawer Runners and KickersQ & A: Tips for Drawer Runners and Kickers

    by Christian Becksvoort

  • 3 Steps to Great Glue-Ups: Edge JointsVideo: 3 Steps to Great Glue-Ups: Edge Joints

    with Ed Pirnik

    There's no doubt about it, the glue-up phase of any woodworking project is often a stressful situation which, without proper preparation, can lead to disaster. ...

  • Simple Glue-up Table Rides SawhorsesQ & A: Simple Glue-up Table Rides Sawhorses

    by Christian Becksvoort

  • Refined Over TimeRefined Over Time

    by Jonathan Binzen

    A few years after dropping out of college, John Reed Fox was working as an auto mechanic in Boston and spending his lunch hours browsing in a bookstore. That’s ...

  • Tips For Square Glue-UpsTips For Square Glue-Ups

    by Steve Latta

    There's no need for your glue-ups to be frantic and desperate; that's what leads to open joints and out-of-square assemblies. Simply follow these basic steps before ...

  • The Best Woodworker You've Never Heard ofThe Best Woodworker You've Never Heard of

    by Jonathan Binzen

    In the course of his 50-year career, Jere Osgood has quietly pushed the boundaries of innovation in terms of furniture making style and structure. His work is featured ...

  • How to Build a Solid HumidorVideo: How to Build a Solid Humidor

    with Ed Pirnik

    It takes more than just a supply of Spanish cedar to construct a well-built humidor.

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