We continue to improve Fine Woodworking, both in print and online. Our goal is to provide everything you need to be a better woodworker, from a massive, searchable library of past articles and videos to a steady supply of new techniques, projects, and inspiration.

In FWW #191, we add two short but highly useful departments. The first is What’s the Difference. It follows the Tools & Materials department in the magazine, but has a slightly different goal: Instead of helping you choose the right brand or model of something, it helps you find the right type. Future installments will contrast different kinds of brushes, bits, blades, chisels, and plane irons. Others will look at pro vs. DIY tools, and exactly what you get for the extra money (spoiler alert: the more expensive tool doesn’t always win out). This month we clarify the debate over left- and right-tilting tablesaws.

The other new department, How They Did It, is an extension of the magazine's back cover. As you know, we put woodworking on the back page, not advertising. We save that prime real estate for the finest recent work we have seen. But there’s only so much you can say on one page about a tour-de-force piece. How They Did It will go behind these mind-bending feats of skill and engineering to reveal a simple series of steps. Of course, solutions often seem simple in hindsight, when you bypass the years of trial and error. That’s the luxury of this new department. We could tell you about the next six--they are as fantastic as Kintaro Yazawa's joint wizardry--but that would ruin the surprise.