I remember clearly the day I looked around my shop and realized I had everything I needed to make furniture. Before that day—before I had the equipment to mill my own stock, cut smooth curves, drill straight holes, smooth big surfaces—woodworking was a series of work-arounds. Filling my shop with tools wasn’t easy. It took a few years and a significant outlay of cash.

You could bypass that whole process by telling us “Why I Deserve a New Shop.” We’ll choose one passionate but under-equipped woodworker to receive a shop full of tools—enough for a lifetime of furniture making.

This contest is different from most. For one, we picked all the tools to give away, most of which have won high marks in our rigorous product tests. Second, the grand-prize winner also receives a contributing editor—just for a day—to help set up shop and get the tools in running order.

Even if you’re not a winner, my article “Set Up Shop for $5,000” (see link below) explains how you can equip a modern shop on a modest budget.

We look forward to reading your stories. We’ll publish the best in the magazine and online, along with a profile of the grand-prize winner.

Follow the links below for information on how to enter the contest.

Photo: Michael Pekovich