Shelf pins are an easy and inexpensive way to support adjustable shelving for books, cabinets, and case pieces. You can easily move the shelves and the pins to different heights when your storage needs change.

Unfortunately, if your pin drilling is off (even a little) or if your stock warps, you’ll end up with rocking shelves and rattling objects. But there is an easy fix. Spiral Supports ( are 5-mm, cam-shaped shelf pins that can accommodate up to 5/32 in. of warp or out-of-level. You simply turn them with a straight screwdriver. They’re available in black, white, brown, tan, and clear; a pack of 12 sells for about $4.

spiral supports

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Quick cure for rattling shelves. A screwdriver and cam-shaped Spiral Supports make it easy to stabilize a wonky shelf. The 5-mm shelf pins are available in black, white, brown, tan, and clear and provide up to 5/32 in. of adjustment.