The easiest (though not least expensive) way to get matched boards is by buying boulles or flitches of lumber. Boulles, or flitches, are sets of boards that were consecutively cut from the same log, like a flitch of veneer. Lumber cut this way will have perfectly matching color and all three types of grain that furniture makers need: flatsawn, quartersawn, and riftsawn.

To learn more about working with boulles or flitches, read "Designing with Grain" (FWW #206). Below are links to boulles (flitches) suppliers.

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Berkshire Products, Inc.

Cook Woods

Exotic Lumber, Inc.

Gilmer Wood Company

Good Hope Hardwoods

Groff and Groff Lumber, Inc.

Hearne Hardwoods, Inc. 

Horizon Wood Products

Irion Lumber Company


Northwest Timber

Pine Creek Wood Company


Re-Co Bklyn


Shaker Mills, LLC

Talarico Hardwoods