Tune in for the latest episode of our online video series for novice woodworkers, Getting Started in Woodworking. (Click on this link to watch.)

The ninth video in our series, "How to Mill Rough Lumber," shows how to turn a piece of roughsawn lumber into square and stable stock for your woodworking projects. 

Designed to introduce beginning woodworkers to the various stages of woodworking--from choosing tools to setting up a workspace to building projects--Getting Started in Woodworking is hosted by Fine Woodworking editor Asa Christiana, and Matt Berger, of FineWoodworking.com, features detailed, step-by-step instruction as well as free downloadable project plans.

For "How to Mill Rough Lumber," we headed out to the Connecticut Valley School of Woodworking, where instructor Bob Van Dyke demonstrated the classic sequence used to prepare rough lumber with power tools. This process, known as four-squaring a board, is an essential skill in woodworking.

"Woodworking offers a lifelong journey of learning and creativity, but it often seems daunting to beginners. Getting Started in Woodworking demystifies the hobby by showing beginners how to get started with just a few tools, and letting them get their hands dirty right away with some beautiful, but accessible projects," says Christiana.  "Thanks to today's high speed Internet connections, we are able to present this information in an interactive, easy-to-follow video format that will appeal to new woodworkers of every age."

 Woodworking for the YouTube Generation

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